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Home Gossip CNBC reporter Sue Herera and husband Daniel Herera married for 32 years without divorce issues

CNBC reporter Sue Herera and husband Daniel Herera married for 32 years without divorce issues

Ashmita Karki Sat Sep, 2016
CNBC reporter Sue Herera and husband Daniel Herera married for 32 years without divorce issues

CNBC anchor Sue Herera is married to Daniel Herera. Despite spending so many years together as a husband and wife, this duo has been going really well in their relationship. Anyone who looks at this couple will immediately judge by saying that they look like a young couple in love.


image: Sue Herera and Daniel Herera

Sue and Daniel Herera's relationship

image: Sue Herera

Sue Herera and Daniel Herera met in Los Angeles during an assignment. They dated for quite a while and later decided to get married. In 1984, the Herera couple tied the knot. Ever since that day, they have been living in love and harmony. They seem very lucky to one another as today Sue is a renowned reporter and her husband is an able physician. Both of them respect each other’s profession and are very understanding toward each other.


Sue Herera and Daniel Herera's children

video: Watch how Sue manages her work and family life


Talking about Sue and Daniel’s children, they have two adopted daughter and a biological son. She, along with her husband, adopted twin girls, Victoria and Jacqueline from a village in China in 2002. Just after a year of adopting Sue became pregnant and gave birth to a lovely baby boy named Daniel.

Are Sue and Daniel Herera getting a divorce?

It has already been 32 years of their married life, but still, this couple loves each other like a newly-wed. Sue has never been involved in any kind of controversies, and she has never cheated on her husband. The Herera couple lives along with their three children very happily. This couple is surely not going to get a divorce.

image: Sue and Daniel Herera with friends


 In fact, recently, Sue has expressed her desire to renew her wedding vows. There are rumors that this couple is going to get married for the second time. Isn’t that too cute?

Sue Herera desires to remarry her husband

The reason behind Sue’s desire to remarry is quite convincing. She wants her twin daughters to learn more about American culture and lifestyle so that they don’t feel abandoned in the near future. Her angelic twin daughters are growing up so fast, and she feels afraid that she won’t get to spend much time with them now as they will move on in their lives.

image: Sue Herera


Durin an interview with, Sue said, “I just think your children are in your life for such a short time before they go to college and are less involved with you, so I'm trying to have as much time with them as possible.”

Looking at Herera’s concern about her children, it seems like she is a really caring and responsive mother. Yet , we can’t deny the fact that she is a wonderful wife too. Remarrying with her current husband will not only make her children learn but will also strengthen her bond with her husband.