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Updated On Jun 07, 2017 Published On Jul 29, 2016
Facts of Clarissa Ward
Date of Birth: 1980 , January-30
Birth Nation: United States
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Ward began her career from Fox New in 2003. She is a brave journalist who has covered the story of Saddam Hussein, the Indian Ocean Tsunami and the deaths Yasser Arafat. Clarissa is also best known for her War story coverage, U.S military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her continuous effort in the field of journalism has made her a household name in American media.

From 2007 to 2010, Clarissa worked for the ABC news, stationed in Moscow and covered the story of Russian presidential election. One of her most memorable works includes coverage of Georgia and Russia conflict. She was in Georgia when Russia occupied Georgian territory.

Ward has traveled to many parts of the world in course of her journalism work. She was stationed in China as the news correspondent for ABC News Asia. She covered the story of 2011 nature calamities Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.

In 2011, Ward joined CBS News, where she covered the Syrian Uprising, Chinese civil rights activist Chen Guangcheng's stay at the U.S Embassy in Beijing and subsequent United States -China negotiation and Ukrainian revolution. She went to Syria, for taking an interview two Western Jihadist. In 2015, she changed her base to London, started to cover for CNN.

Coming towards her personal life, Ward is single and is not married to anyone so far. As she is a very busy Journalist, and an introvert person, she has mastered the art of keeping personal life out of media radar.

Clarissa Ward is attractive and tall. She is an active user of Facebook and Twitter respectively. As Ward is active in the field of journalism for 13 years, she has the good salary which is reported to be around $2 million per annum. As of 2017, she has managed to keep her net worth secret, but we estimate it to be more than $15 million looking at other co-workers in Fox at the same position.

Clarissa Ward

Clarissa Ward facts on timeline

Born in New York

January 30 , 1980

Her family is from London U.K. and New York. She had a wonderful opportunity to attend Yale University. She grew up in Connecticut. She belongs to the traditional family. She must have memorable childhood days.

Won George Foster Peabody Award

May 21 , 2012

She won the award for her contribution in the journalism field. She is the one of those who dared to conflict prone area of Syria. She has been to Iraq and Afghanistan covering the war stories.

Joined Fox News


Ward began her career from Fox News in New York.  She showed the War on Iraq of 2003, Tsunami of Indian Ocean, death Yasir Arfat and Pope John Paul II. She conducted notable interview with Gen. David Petaeus, Iraqi Deputy Prime minister Baram Saleh and Lebanese President Emile Lahound. She had spent significant rime with U.S military in Iraq. 

Joined ABC News


Ward was an ABC news correspondent based in Moscow. On assignment in Russia ward covered the Russian Presidential election. She was in Georgia at the time of the Russian intervention into Georgia territory. She was one of the few female journalists.

Joined CNN

September 21 , 2015

She announced that she will be covering for CNN on 21 September. She has previously worked as an international News correspondent and was based in various locations throughout Europe and Asia. She is very professional and well-liked by her audience.

Joined CBS News Network


As being international journalist, she has travelled around war prone zone whether it is Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. She covered the Human Rights Issue in China. She brought the case of Ukrainian Crisis to the Western World. 

Won Murrow Award Washington State University


She had the unique opportunity to win the prestigious Murrow award for her decade-long contribution to journalism. Her news and reporting deals has always been with the Human Rights and Humanitarian needs. She is a celebrity reporter for her courage.