Claire Forlani starrer Precious Cargo rated poorly as the movie fails to deliver

Claire Forlani starrer Precious Cargo rated poorly as the movie fails to deliver

This time, there is sad news for Claire Forlani fans and the reason behind this is because of the poor rating of her movie. Precious Cargo was her latest work which included the quote as “Casablanca” did not reach up to the expectation of the fans.

She was portrayed as Karen as the character in the film and was hoping for the good feedback from her people. But unfortunately, the rating of the movie did not reach up to their expectation and Claire is not happy with this. It's rating, this time, is lower than the average action movie and has failed to catch the requirement.

The movie seems it had failed with its part of the entertainment and delivers the actual news that they want to give up to the public. Claire, however, has not disheartened her hoping she will work into her best upon the next movie in future. Working as an actress from an early age in movies she is collecting an amazing sum of net worth and her height has also supported her to look excellent at the same time.

Currently, she is married with her boyfriend Dougray Scott in the year 2006 and she has no any mentality to divorce her. Dougray also supported her and encouraged not to be sad with the ranking which did not come up to her expectation.

Clarie has around 30.8K followers on twitter along with 171 tweets mentioned. She looks very active with her presence over there. Her latest post was devoted to Prince Rock as the best album of her list. Currently her post on Instagram is also attractive as her style. She insists her fans like and suggest her posts as mentioned by her. Though there are many stories of her being lesbian, but in contrast to the rumors, she is a straight lady. 

. She also seems good follower of Pearl Jam as well