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Home Gossip Cindy Preszler and her husband Dave Mack Living Happily Together, Know About her Children

Cindy Preszler and her husband Dave Mack Living Happily Together, Know About her Children

Aditya Singh Wed Jul, 2017
Cindy Preszler and her husband Dave Mack Living Happily Together, Know About her Children

The beautiful and talented television weather forecaster, Cindy Preszler is the chief meteorologist working at KSDK-TV 5, that is affiliated to the NBC which is based in St. Louis, Missouri. Preszler, 57, is considered as one of the five female chief meteorologists who are working on Gannett-owned NBC affiliates.

Cindy Preszler is an ideal women who likes to come into highlight in the media through her work. Beside the prestigious professional career, Preszler has maintained a perfect balance in her personal life with husband Dave Mack, a businessman from St. Louis. Yes, if you guys are getting confused on her personal  aspectes then we will let you know that the gorgeous weathercaster is already married.

Now, lets dig on more information on her personal life and career too.

Cindy Preszler Married to Dave Mack. Know In Details

What greater thing is there for two human souls, than to feel that they are connected for life?

The above statement is relevant for Cindy Preszler and her husband Dave Mack, who got married in 2003 after few months of dating each other. Afterwards, the couple is enjoying their peaceful and blissful married life. Here's a glimpse of their chemistry.



Valentine's dinner with my sweetie at Paul Mineo's.

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It seems like the couple is exultantly proud and joyful concerning their wedlock.



Loved attending the 2016 Regional Emmy's with my husband Dave!

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Due to charming look and adorable physique, it is said that Cindy was much popular among opposite gender. And it is an ovbious reason too because of her beauty and with great sense of humour, everybody is get easily attracted towards her.



?? Arms not quite long enough to get everyone in! #Orsofamilyreunion

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Outwardly, Cindy looks pretty hot. With her deliberate effort she has ingratiate herself with all the close observers. One can be highly fascinated from her willowy gesture and graceful feet. Really her exotic beauty can induce hypnosis in viewers. Similarly, this hot lady had many rumours on her affairs but she never revealed her private life openly.

Cindy PreszlerCindy Preszler

Despite of having a secret private life in blissful and peaceful lifestyle with husband, Dave Mack, Cindy is very successful meteorologist and weather forecaster. Now, lets find out some details on her career. Just stay with us.

Cindy Preszler's Career In Short

Chief Meteorologist Cindy Preszler, is an Emmy and Missouri Broadcaster's award winning meteorologist. She is the holder of bachelors degree from the University of South Dakota.

Cindy had an early interest in weather. The South Dakota native was a little girl with full of wonder and awe which thenceforth never die out.



Hanging out with Snowy on a sunny day! #greatweather

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As a nature lover and interested in changing weather, Cindy became a successful meteorologist. Looking into her career, Cindy started her job as an analyst, editor and researcher for weather related subjects. She also worked on a Chicago based TV fo NBC-WMAQ-TV.

Cindy PreszlerCindy Preszler

Cindy had to struggle hard as she belonged to the middle class family. She worked hard to pursue her career but she didn’t find it enough for fulfilling her dreams. Later, she started working at WKYT-TV in Lexington.

This was again not satisfactory for her. At last she became affiliated with KSDK, One of the America’s top weather stations. Here, she not only reported on major events related to weather and climate change but also contributed to research.

Video: Cindy Preszler's Weather Forecast

With her high ambition and hardwork, Cindy is now in the respected position and considered as one of the five female chief meteorologists. Hats off! to this talented professional lady.

Cindy Preszler

Cindy Preszler

Cindy takes pride in her farming background and credits it for her interest in weather since she was a child. She has kept perfect balance in her both personal and professional life. We wish this famous celebrity for more blissful life in her upcoming days.

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