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Christian Papierniak

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Quick Timeline of Christian Papierniak

2001 Directed Hal Buckley
2013 Written NBA 2k14
2016 Directed Izzy F*ck Across the Town

Detail Timeline of Christian Papierniak


Directed Hal Buckley

Christian Papiernniak has played and directed many movies in his career. He made his debut in the direction from movie Hal Buckley in 2001. His first directed movie was super hit during that time and also his work was admired by many. 


Written NBA 2k14

Christian Papeirnniak has also worked as the story writer in different movies. He made his debut in writing story of movies from movie NBA 2k14 which was released in 2013. His story line was admired and he got famous since then. 


Directed Izzy F*ck Across the Town

Christian Papiernniak released his second movie was a director in 2016. In that year he directed his second movie named Izzy F*ck Across the Town. In this movie, he has cast Mackenzie Davis, Meghan Lenox, Mellisa Panzer, Joel Osment and many other cats. 


The famous film-maker Christian Papiernniak has not revealed much information about his personal life. He has been known for directing and writing many short movies and movies. He joined University of Southern of California and graduated from there with a Bachelor of Arts in American Literature.

 Christian Papiernniak is filming and directing his second feature film of the career, Izzy Gets the F*ck Across the Town. He has decided to cast Mackenzie Davis in his feature film along with other casts: Meghan Lenox, Mellisa Panzer, Haley Joel Osment, Carrie Coon, Rob Huebel, Brandon T. Jackson, Alia Shawkat, Alex Russell and Boby Lamont.