Chris 'C.T.' Tamburello has a Baby, Is he Single or Married?Know about his Affairs and Relationship

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Before continuing today's recital, I want to ask you a question first; Do you know Chris Tamburello? If you ever watched MTV's The Real World Paris, then you must say 'Yes'. But is it enough to know this famous reality TV star?

Of course not! You might be familiar with his professional career, however, your knowledge regarding his personal life might be too limited.

Chris is a father now which he revealed himself, however, he didn't talk anything about the mother of the child. Is Chris already married and is the child his own? Or Is the child is from one of his girlfriends?

Read the full article to get the truth. Stay with us.

Chris 'C.T.' Tamburello has a child and the model Lilianet Solares is revealed as his mother

As we all know, it feels awkward when you have a child and you could not tell who the mother of the child is? But, did you ever think why some people do so? The reason might vary from person to person.

Chris 'C.T.' Tamburello, falls in the same league of people who has a child but never revealed anything about the mother of the child. But the media has it's eyes and nose on every celebrity.

Chris 'C.T' Tamburello with her child; son named CJ.  Lilianet

Chris 'C.T' Tamburello with her child; son named CJ.  Lilianet

Source: People

After a deep research, we found that Lilianet Solares, who is a professional model is the mother of Chris' son. A year back, the couple became parents with the birth of their child; son named CJ Lilianet.

Now, let's enter into the couple's personal life. We would first like you to know that Chris and Lilianet are not married yet. They are just in a living-in relationship sharing each other's love as a couple, however, it's still a mystery that when and how the couple first met and started their affair.

Chris 'C.T.' Tamburello's girlfrien Lilianet Solares with their son CJ

Chris 'C.T.' Tamburello's girlfriend Lilianet Solares with their son CJ

Source: empireboobookitty

It seems Chris and Lilianet share a really strong bond just like a nail and flesh, the couple is reported to get married soon.

Here's a video in which Chris shared his thought towards his girlfriend Lilianet. Check it out.

If we talk about Chris' past relationship, then he was once in the relationship with an American television personality Diem Brown. But sadly, in 2014, Diem died of ovarian cancer.

Chris proposed Diem at the hospital on her deathbed, popping out the big question of marriage to his sick love with a ruby ring before she passed away,

Former boyfriend and girlfriend couple: Chris Tamburello and Diem Brown

Former boyfriend and girlfriend couple: Chris Tamburello and Diem Brown

Source: Usweekly

Now, Chris is romantically linked with Lilianet. We wish them all the very best for their future and we hope we could soon see them as husband and wife. For more updates, stay connected with Frostsnow.