Chloe Delevingne welcomes baby home with her husband. Is Chloe's husband dating with someone?

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Chloe has recently sprung up to the highlights after giving birth to a baby with her husband. But the question that comes up to the minds of her fans is, Is her husband cheating on her with anyone else? Chloe is the elder sister of Cara Delevingne, the famous top model who has won the hearts of millions of fans around the world. through the popularity of Cara and through the name of her famous family, Chloe also has managed to earn the attention of a huge number of fans around the world.

Chloe has been known particularly for being the sister of the famous Cara Delivingne. She has garnered the attention of over 65 thousand followers on her Instagram account and her popularity springs up basically for being the elder sister of such a famous personality. She is also known for being a member of a family of successful executives and royalty. Her grandmother Janie Sheffield was the waiting lady for Princess Margaret and the entire family has been popular for their family history. Chloe has managed to rise up to the heights of fame after giving birth to her second child. But is her husband dating somebody else and cheating on his wife.

Chloe got married to property developer Edward Grant on February 2014. The pretty bride was wed to her husband and was pregnant with her first husband at the time. She has two children with her husband. Her recently born baby has been named Juno and she is a pretty beauty. Chloe already has a son named Atticus with her husband and this couple seems to have been getting along pretty well with each other as far as the news of the tabloids is to be considered. It can thus be surely said that her husband is not dating anybody else and the couple is getting along pretty well with each other.