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Home Gossip Child actor Finn Wolfhard kissed Milie Brown. Know about his affairs and girlfriend

Child actor Finn Wolfhard kissed Milie Brown. Know about his affairs and girlfriend

Alishan Sun Dec, 2016
Child actor Finn Wolfhard kissed Milie Brown. Know about his affairs and girlfriend

Finn’s kissing scene

Finn Wolfhard who plays the role of Mike Wheeler in the supernatural Netflix hit series Stranger Things had to kiss Eleven played by Millie Brown. It was the first time for both of them; Finn has kissed before but first time doing it in front of the camera. As for Millie Brown it was her first kiss on and off the camera.

Finn in an interview said that they both knew what was going to happen and were comfortable with it because they were good friends prior and got along very well. He added that his cast mate Matt and Ross were teasing him by saying, ’Hey, Finn you ready for the kiss?’(Making kissing noises).

Well there is a first time for everything, Finn and Brown got it over with it. Finn described Millie’s reaction to the kiss being very funny. He said that after the scene was done Millie just walked away a disappointed look and yelled ‘Kissing sucks. That sucked.’

I guess her expectation was not met about how it felt to be kissed. Whatever the reason I found the reaction very funny and poor Finn didn’t know how to react to that.

The cast of Stranger Things also appeared on The Tonight with Show Jimmy Fallon where Jimmy asked Finn Wolfhard and Millie Brown about their kissing scene. Well the episode was very entertaining, Finn, Millie along with Matt and Ross described how the kissing scene went and what they did prior to the actual shoot.


Affairs and Girlfriend

The star of Stranger Things who is just 13 right now probably has a lot of fans who wants to date him and be his girlfriend. Though he still very young and I think dating must be the last thing on his mind right now.

Looking at his Instagram account he is just having fun being a kid enjoying with his buddies doing what kids do. Many of the photos in his Instagram are with his buddies of the Stranger things.


Squad back and better than ever. +1 -1

A photo posted by Finn Wolfhard (@finnwolfhardofficial) on

 He is definitely enjoying the fame he has gained through his work and has said that he is laser focused about his career in acting.


#robeboys and #robegirl

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As far as the rumor goes about him dating Mille Brown his co-star in Stranger Things, it is all false. The two of them are just good friends and both are trying to make it big career.

Other than that they aren’t any news about him dating anyone, although he might have kissed many girls including Mille Brown.

After he comes of age Finn Wolfhard will definitely attract a lot of girls. Judging by his looks right now he will grow up to become a very handsome hunk. And when the times right I hope he will find Miss Perfect.