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Home News Chicago Building Explosion: 3 Missing and 4 Hospitalized

Chicago Building Explosion: 3 Missing and 4 Hospitalized

Mahammad Arsad shekh Sun May, 2019
Chicago Building Explosion: 3 Missing and 4 Hospitalized

A massive, ground-shaking explosion on Friday, May 3, has left at least three people missing and four others hospitalized in the suburbs north of Chicago.

The Lake County News-Sun wrote in an article that reports of fatalities were not immediately available following the blast occurred at approx. 9 p.m. at the AB Specialty Silicone plant in Waukegan.

But WLS-TV and WSNS-TV of Chicago reported on Saturday, May 4, that three people were unaccounted for. The emergency response was quick to advise the public to stay away from the area.

A witness, Megan Hener, who lives six blocks from the site, told the newspaper that the plant is direct across from an emissions testing facility. She said, "It was leveled. It shook our house and shook my insides."

As per the report, employees of an unspecified business were inside the building when the explosion occurred. The first-responders "expect to be working most of the night."

Another witness "heard a large boom" and saw "debris and sparks flying everywhere." When she drove closer, she saw a building "engulfed in flames" and later heard another "large boom."

The Lake County Sheriff's Office told everyone to stay out of the area and let the first-responders to conduct operations.

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