Chelsea Handler sensationally reveals getting two abortions at the mere age of 16

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In the year 2014,  Chelsea Handler of the  fame revealed to New York times how the laws of America helped her take the right decision in life. She had told that she had aborted her baby or else she would have a 20-year-old kid by now. Now recently too she shared her experience in an essay for the Playboy Magazine.

She revealed that decision of hers which gave her the right to choose is one of the main factors to make her stand today in this path of success.She also mentioned that she was in a very bad stage in her life and hated everything around- right from her parents to her boyfriend and herself too - for having unprotected sex. 

She even thought of giving birth and giving similar names to them, but then she was guided by her parents about how could she do that at an age where she struggled on her way to find her way back home at night. And then finally when it got over, she was relieved.


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She even added that very year she had to go through two abortions and she struggled a lot with the other one as she did not have the finances either. She cursed herself time and again for making a unthoughtful decision not once but twice. However, she soon gathered herself and got an abortion legally without risking her health and getting bankrupt.

Lastly, the Chelsea Lately host, who is of age 41, now happily revealed that she doesn't regret any of her decision in abortion at all.


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The American comedian-cum-actress-cum-writer, who is also a television host and producer, is one of the most 100 Influential people as listed by Times in 2012.  In 2006, it was reported she was dating Ted Harbert but in 2010 the actress revealed that they had a breakup. Since then the Muppet star who has a height of 5 feet and six inches maintains a quiet private life. Not linked with any other star after that, she enjoys a net worth of 35 million dollars all alone.


Some really good life decisions I’d reckon.