Chelsea Handler opens up about her new Netflix show 'Chelsea' and about going global

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Chelsea Handler, who revealed that she got two abortions in her teenage, recently opened up about her new Netflix show 'Chelsea' and about her show and she herself is going global through the show that launched in May, and is taped live and made available three times a week. She also talked about being the only woman in 'late-night TV.'

"So it's not about me being the only woman in late night. It's about me doing the first global talk show that anybody's ever done. And I'm not a man or a woman, but the first person to ever do a global talk show. 

"If you had your own show, you would talk about things you care about, too, and that's exactly what I'm going to attempt to do," she said. "That's the only reason I'm still doing a show; because I have the advantage and the license to have creative control over everything I do." she continued.

She wanted to have proper knowledge of the American electoral process, so she invited Sen. Barbara Boxer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi to be guests on her show.

"I've learned what a super-delegate is, finally," Handler said, adding that international audiences seem as fascinated with and curious about the American elections and government operations as she is.


Chelsea Handler is co-creating a non-profit organization for young women. "I'm working on starting this foundation for young girls with my sisters to try to help underdogs get a light shone on them," she once told More. "I think that's really important when you're growing up, to have somebody remind you that you are special, that you have a gift."

She acknowledges a different, less fearsome approach with politicians than she takes with celebrity friends, who remain a staple of "Chelsea."
"There has to be a level of respect and courtesy," Handler said, both because she wants the conversations to be engaging, and because she wants other politicians to appear as guests. President Barack Obama is the dream guest: "I think he's just the best." she said.

On Wednesday's episode, the 41-year-old will sit down with former Mexican President Vicente Fox. Preparations for the episode included a visit to Mexico City and extensive research into his political past and history with drug cartels.
Handler said she may produce future shows from other parts of the world as well, and the U.K. Netflix has committed to a 90-episode run.

"What we're focusing on in the future is everything that's just fish out of the water. Everything that doesn't feel comfortable or stuff that I don't know." Handler said.