Charles Sobhraj, known as The Bikini Killer and Serpent to undergo a critical heart surgery in Nepal

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Charles Sobhraj has targeted backpackers and travelers from all over the world especially white ones while traveling in Asia. His crimes are unforgivable and electrocutions can only make it even but it looks as if God has another way of punishing while he is alive.

The infamous killer who was once the most mysterious and terrifying criminals of all time is reportedly having heart troubles and will not live for long. Charles who is sentenced to life term in Nepal for multiple murder charges held against him by the government of the Republic of Nepal will reportedly undergo an open heart surgery in a Hospital in Kathmandu Nepal.

As per the sources, he is scheduled to undergo an open heart surgery on June 10 in Gangalal Heart Centre. The deadly killer who even managed to escape from India's most secured prison Tihar Jail may have been making excuse to get an early release but his recent picture actually shows he is suffering from a heart disease. He was said to be released on the health grounds by Nepalese government soon but was rushed to the hospital after collapsing suddenly in the Jail.

Charles 'The Serpent' Sobhraj

Here is all that you need to hear about the cold-blooded killer from early 70's who is still infamous as one of the most vicious and wisest killers of all time.

The cold blooded Alligator and Killer Crock Charles Sobhraj was born on 6th April 1944 in Vietnam. He was born as Hatchand Bhaonani Gurumukh Charles Sobhraj to a Vietnamese mother and Indian Decent father. Well, to be honest, he was not all criminal minded from his early childhood.

He had to see his family fall and then had to move to France with his mother after she married a French Army lieutenant stationed in Indochina. With the passage of time, he felt he was not getting enough of love and care from his family he started getting involved in small time theft and became a low time bulgur. Growing up he frequently traveled to Vietnam and France to visit his family. 

As a teenager, Sobhraj was involved in petty crimes and also did frequent jail times. His first jail sentence was at the age of 19 for burglary in 1963, at Poissy prison around Paris area. Sobhraj was a master of manipulation and negotiation. He used to use his manipulation skills to trick the prison officials into granting him special favors, like bringing books and smuggling goods into the prison. He used to judge the strong, wealthy and powerful person in jail and impressed them to mark his way from small-time crimes into big deals.

Beginning of his crime season for The Bikini Killer

Known to the world as Bikini Killer Charles preyed on Western tourists and bag packers throughout Southeast Asia during 70's. He gradually grew up to be one of the scariest killers of all times.With the help of the links, he made during his jail time Sobhraj began accumulating huge money through a series of scams and burglaries.

The story of Sobhraj also has a romantic angle. Later Charles who grew into a woman charmer and allegedly a hypnotic expert at the beginning was in a relationship with Chantal Compagnon, a Parisian woman from a conservative family.

Charles Sobhraj

Sobhraj who was already involved in drug and smuggling proposed Compagnon for marriage after she got pregnant with his baby was arrested the same day for car theft related crime and was sentenced to eight-month imprisonment. As per the reports, his lover Compagnon remained supportive during his prison time and the couple got married upon his release.

In 1970 the couple left France to escape the arrest with fake documents. They survived robbing tourists whom they befriended along the way.

Arrival to Mumbai

Sobhraj after stepping foot to India made accelerated his crime rate and made the whole world shook with his mysterious and dreadful killings and crimes.

In 1970 Chantal and Charles invited a baby girl named Usha. Charles in those days was again involved in Car theft, buggery, and smuggling and as he increased his criminal activity he got addicted to Gambling. After running the racket of criminal groups Charles was arrested in 1973after an unsuccessful armed robbery in a jewelry store at Hotel Ashoka.

After a first unsuccessful attempt of breaking out of the jail, he again attempted it for the second time and this time he was successful to get him out of the bars. He then moved to Kabul Afganistan where he followed the same lifestyle. They targetted tourist on the hippy trails and were arrested again in Afganistan for the same reasons as before and escaped the jail just the way he did in India. Sobhraj started enjoying what he was doing so his wife returned back to France with the determination to never look back at him.

Running from Kabul to Indonesia, he was totally rogue and vicious by the beginning of 1975 he had collected a few of the most trusted people who would help him in every step which included Marie-Andrée Leclerc one of the most devoted Charles' followers who at first a tourist looking for adventure but later turned into dark crimes with Charles.

1975 was the first known murder ever committed by the Serpent. He first killed a young lady from Seattle 'Teresa Knowlton' who was found drowned in a tidal pool in the Gulf of Thailand. The death looked like an accident and it was only after six months that they found the lady who was found dead with a flowered bikini in the tidal sea was actually killed. Then he killed a backpacker duo Vitali Hakim and his Dutch girlfriend Charmayne Carrou their bodies were found in a horrible condition burnt out.

After that, he returned to India with the victim's passport and murdered Israeli scholar Avoni Jacob just to obtain his passport. On 18 December, they entered to Nepal with the passports of the victims and again killed two innocent backpacker females.On 21st December, they murdered Laurent Carrière, 26 who was a Canadian national and Connie Bronzich a 29 years old American Citizen where he allegedly killed his friends and went back to India. Sobhraj's next victim was a Frenchman, Jean-Luc who he poisoned and killed.

Charles In Tihar Jail India

Charles In Tihar Jail India

He was eventually captured in India where he allegedly conferred his past crimes and was sent to Tihar jail for trials. He instead of accepting his charges turned the jail time into a reality show and was finally able to drug the guards and run away from one of the most strict Indian Prison of India.

Celebrity Status in France

You probably would be surprised that Charles, when returned back to France, was viewed as a celebrity, It is said that he used to tell his crime stories to people and charged up to $5000 to people who were willing to hear his crime stories. He even charged money for taking his photographs. He is said to have made around $15 million from his storytelling profession.

Nihita Biswas Charles Sobhraj's new wife

Nihita Biswas Charles Sobhraj's new wife

Later in 2003, Sobhraj Charles was seen in the streets of Kathmandu and after two days he was captured while he was coming out of a Casino. On 20 August 2004, Nepalese court convicted him for the murders of Bronzich and Carrière in 1975 and he in recent days is serving in a Nepalese prison. He even made another scandal from inside the court by marrying Nihita Biswas a Nepalese woman inside the jail.