Champions League final: Liverpool fans' are angry over Kiev flights cancellation

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Watching one's favorite team playing in UEFA Champions League final is undoubtedly a privilege for the fans. And this season - 2017-18, Real Madrid and Liverpool fans will have the privilege among the supporters of 32 teams who participated for the biggest club trophy.

Looks like some of the Liverpool fans will have to miss the team play the final in Kiev, on Saturday, 9:45 PM (Ukraine). And the fans are terribly angry after the flights to the Champions League final were canceled.

VIDEO: A number of flights Flights to Kiev has been canceled due to overcrowding at Boryspil Airpot, Kiev

Operator Worldchoice Sports said they couldn't secure landing spot at Kiev's Boryspil Airport for three planes due to overcrowding. But has promised an extra last minute three-night trip.

To witness their team play the final against Real Madrid, the fans had paid up to £2,000 ($2667.31) for the flights to Ukraine.

One of the disappointed fans, Chris Bolland said he was 'disgusted' over the situation for he would miss Liverpool play the final. The team is set to play the final for the first time in 11 years.

CAPTION: Liverpool's supporter Chris Bolland

Chris Bolland has supported the Premier League side for 50 years and has paid £2,000 to Worldcoice for a flight ticket to Kiev. But unfortunately, his flight has been canceled and now he is forced to watch the game at home on TV.

He told the BBC about the situation,

I am gutted, to say the least. I am absolutely disgusted and there is nothing I can do about it. I will now have to watch it with my dear wife - but that's not a problem as she's a big Liverpool fan as well.

Another fan, Asif Badat, 32, from Leeds, England, also is deprived of the privilege despite having match tickets. He said,

We were being given assurances about our tickets and then suddenly the flights were canceled. I'm now considering flying to Romania and driving 10 hours from there.

The club head, Tony Barrett has criticised UEFA for having the final played in Kiev. Tony Barrett said,

The decision to hold the final at a location which is so difficult and so extraordinarily expensive to get to is one that needs explaining by those who made it.

To every Liverpool fan who is having a nightmare - and I use the word nightmare deliberately, not loosely - arranging travel to Kiev I can only apologize.

What should be one of the most exciting times of your lives is currently anything but and that, to me, is inexcusable.

This is the longest week ever.

Those who have missed a spot to witness the final in Kiev might be terribly sad, yet those who secured a spot also had a complicated route to the final.

It's been a nightmare.

I'm flying from Leeds to Rome than from Rome to Kiev.

The return is from Kiev to Ankara and then Ankara to Antalya, then Antalya to Leeds.

Ivan Mulla, 46, from Liverpool, said of his journey to the Kiev.

The Merseyside club said up to 1,000 fans had been affected by the problem.