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Home Gossip Chamomile Tea and its Side Effects on Human Health

Chamomile Tea and its Side Effects on Human Health

Jharna Prasai Wed Jun, 2017
Chamomile Tea and its Side Effects on Human Health

Chamomile comes from a daisy family which looks yellowish in the center and is surrounded by beautiful white petals. Chamomile plant is being consumed as a tea from centuries.  There are two types of chamomile plant, Roman, and German chamomile. 

Now, talking about the Chamomile tea, both the fresh and dried flowers are used to prepare the tea. It is believed that the tea cures many health problems, especially insomnia if taken in a right order or quantity. The primary ingredient in chamomile plant is referred as ‘Bisabolol,' which covers the anti-irritant, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

But if you consume it more than you should, its side effects are pretty devastating, and you could end up with more severe problems.

Chamomile:  Right dosage

People say there are no any standard doses. However, as believed by researchers, the minimum oral doses would be 9 to 15 grams per day. If you consume the tea in the right amount, it offers many health benefits. But if it exceeds your body's requirement then you could be the dupe of its side effects.

Side effects of Chamomile Tea

Like we get lots of benefits if we have Chamomile Tea in the right amount, it also has lots of side effects if taken haphazardly. Let's get acknowledge with the side effects of Chamomile Tea;

1.    Drowsiness

One of the major side effects of Chamomile tea is that it makes you drowsy. So, if you are thinking of driving after you drink the tea, it would not be such a good idea. Studies show that it contains anti-stress elements that could make you sleepy. It is considered as one of the principal benefits but is also a side effect that you should be aware of.

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2.    Allergy

If you are allergic to plants that come from daisy family, drinking the Chamomile tea can worsen the scenario. It can cause Anaphylactic shocks (Severe allergic responses), other skin reactions and much more.

3.    Respiratory problems

It comes from Asteraceae (Compositae) family, and there are other plants similar to Chamomile plants such as Ragweed, Dandelions, arnica and much more. And if you are allergic to those plants, consuming Chamomile tea would be a bad idea and it could lead to respiratory problems. 

4.    Not good with Eyes

Chamomile Tea has health benefits more than we can imagine. However, it does not work that good with eyes. There are cases of people using it to wash their eye, and the result turned out to be negative, in fact pretty disappointing. It caused them ‘Conjunctivitis’ which also much as ‘Pink Eyes.'

5.    Elevates Asthma attacks

If you are prescribed with Asthma medications, drinking Chamomile tea can increase the chances of having more severe Asthma attacks. So, consult your doctor before drinking the tea if you are an Asthma patient. 

6.    Not suitable for pregnant women

There are higher chances of miscarriage if you consume Chamomile tea when you are pregnant. The tea contains elements that are not safe for the baby. 

Effcts of Chamomile Tea on pregnant women.

Effects of Chamomile Tea on pregnant women

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7.    Reacts with anesthetic

If you have surgery in two weeks and you are continuing the Chamomile tea, it might react with the Anesthetic drug. As a result, doctors could find difficulties with vaccinating you the right amount of Anesthetic.

Side effects of Chamomile Tea

Side effects of Chamomile Tea

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8.    Other side effects

Besides the above side effects, there are many other side effects of Chamomile tea such as vomiting, nausea, lead to weariness and more.

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Why do people still drink the Chamomile tea?

As most of us know that there are dark sides to everything and Chamomile tea is one of the products to have both the shady and shiny sides. Drinking Chamomile Tea might worsen the case if you are medicated with a particular drug

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However, if you consume it in a right amount, it offers health benefits more than you can think. One of the major health benefits of drinking Chamomile tea is that it helps you sleep. Many types of researches have proved that it helps you with sleeping disorders and it is one of the best medicines for ‘Insomnia.'

Chamomile tea contains anti-anxiety elements that make you drowsy and help you fall asleep. Not just sleeping disorders, it helps you with different other stuffs like: helps with stomach and intestinal cramps, menstrual cramps, bloating, indigestion, fever, colic, migraine, Crohn’s disease, diarrhea, gas, muscles pain, ulcerative colitis and much more. 

What does Chamomile tea contain?

1.    Anti-viral properties
2.    Anti-bacterial properties
3.    Anti-fungal properties
4.    Sedating properties
5.    Anti-spasmodic properties
6.    Anti-coagulants properties
7.    Anti-inflammatory properties
8.    Healing properties and much more

These above agents act as medicines if Chamomile Tea is consumed in a right amount or dose. However, if you drink it in a high dose, those benefits could turn into side effects and it could haunt you for the rest of your life. So, consulting the doctor before consuming it would be the best thing one can do.