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Home Gossip Chachi Gonzales Dating her Long Time Boyfriend Josh Leyva for 3 Years, Know in Details

Chachi Gonzales Dating her Long Time Boyfriend Josh Leyva for 3 Years, Know in Details

Aditya Singh Thu Jul, 2017
Chachi Gonzales Dating her Long Time Boyfriend Josh Leyva for 3 Years, Know in Details

Some love stories inspire to build up the bond that can be a relationship goal for others, like in a fairy tales.

After maintaining a strong bond for three years now, Chachi Gonzales, an American dancer and choreographer, has been the inspiring figure for the relationship goal as she has been in a relationship with her long time boyfriend, Josh Leyva. So, without any delay, let's find out what's so special in there between them.

Who is the lucky guy that Chachi's heart is beating for?

An American dancer, Chachi Gonzales is all famous for her smooth moves and grooves along with her elegant body. She is a beautiful young lady of 21-years-old, who is expert in attracting guys with her perfect grace moves in the beat.

When everybody is behind Chachi, there is someone for whom Chachi's heart beats. Who is the guy? He is Josh Leyva who is famous for his youtube videos.

Chachi Gonzales with her boyfriend Josh Leyva

Chachi Gonzales with her boyfriend, Josh Leyva

The love between the two cute couple arose back in 2014 and its still going strong and growing like a fresh rose. The chemistry between the pair is what people are fascinated about.

Gonzales doesn't hesitate to express her love for her boyfriend. Check out the tweet;

Madly in love with each other, they never seem to miss a single chance to parade their bond out in the open. Here's the glimpse of the cute couples.

Chachi Gonzales and Josh Leyva

Chachi Gonzales and Josh Leyva

Wow, they look very lovable together, right?

Video: Chachi Gonzales and Josh Leyva - On Your Side

Chachi past affairs

An amazing dancer, Chachi Gonzales is known for her outstanding choreography. But, often her relationship news also takes the spotlight. Chachi, 21, usually comes into the highlight for her relationship with Josh Leyva. All of her fans seem curious to know whether this beautiful young lady ever had a boyfriend except Josh?

Well, Chachi is never rumored to have any other affairs in the past except Josh. The couple is now in the relationship for three years. Wow! They are somebody to look up to when it comes to taking inspiration for maintaining a smooth love life. In short. They are the relationship goals for us.


Why am I questioning if I'm the beauty or the beast in this photo... #WhenYourBoyfriendIsPretty

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Amazing! We wish both the love birds maintain their strong bond in the future, and we hope they will continue to love each other till death.

This much for today. Hope you guys catch on Frostsnow for more information on your favorite stars.!!