Central Park Suicide: Man Found Dead, Hanging From Overpass in New York

Updated On 04 May, 2019 Published On

A man died in an apparent suicide in New York's Central Park. The man found hanging from an overpass, authorities have confirmed.

The name of the man is not available, however, as per the report, he was 45 years old. A passer-by spotted him at the park at approx. 5:45 a.m.

The man was hanging from a long cord with a bag around his head.

He took his life at the Winterdale Arch, the northwest area of Central Park West and West 82nd Street.

A parks worker told the New York Post, "He hung himself. Right off the railing at the edge of the arch."

He added, "I saw a long orange cord. He had tied a plastic bag around his head, too. … It was awful to see."

According to police, they found a suicide note with the body but they have not publicized its contents.

The identity of the man and the reason what led him to suicide is being investigated.

An autopsy is being performed to determine the exact cause of death.

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