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Home Gossip Catherine Valdes Caught Kissing on Snapchat,Who is She Dating Currently?Know about her Affairs

Catherine Valdes Caught Kissing on Snapchat,Who is She Dating Currently?Know about her Affairs

Sandip Dangal Fri May, 2017
Catherine Valdes Caught Kissing on Snapchat,Who is She Dating Currently?Know about her Affairs

Fame and Fortune are what almost every person in the world dreams about in their life. We can see people who spend all their life trying to become popular and yet end up unsuccessfully. But, seems like life has Catherine Valdes a good shareof both fame and money.  

Catherine Valdes is an American YouTuber who is currently the topic to the media following her Snapchat photo leak on the internet. Well, in the picture, the boy's identity whom Catherine is seen kissing has become a matter of cuorisity to both her fan and the media.

The question is, who is the Guy? Is he her boyfriend? Come, let's find it out.

Catherine Valdes Caught Kissing on Snapchat Photo; What is the matter?

The YouTube blogger and co-founder of Summoners Con, Catherine joined the YouTube in 2008 and over the period she has earned a good fans following through it. Though she had well managed to keep her personal life up to herself for a long time, it's now gradually being disclosed to the world.

American YouTube blogger Catherine Valdes

American YouTube blogger Catherine Valdes


Media and her fans frequently rumor her to be dating someone, but she has always managed to escape it somehow. But, now after someone sneak peaked her personal life, she is bound to speak something about it. So, who is the guy she is seen kissing in the picture? Some sites have speculated it to be Joey Graceffa her boyfriend. So is he?

Catherine Kissing Joey

Catherine Valdes kissing with someone


Probably not. The famous actor Joey came out of the closet recently and confessed that he feels more attracted towards men than women. Thus, we believe he is not the guy kissing Catherine in the Snapchat photo. Then, who is the guy? Well, the secret will remain secret until the actress herself comes forth and speaks something about it.

Who is Catherine Valdes Dating Currently? Know Who is Her Boyfriend

Like every normal person, celebrities too love to have someone especial in their life. But unlike normal people, celebrities has to constantly deal with question and cuorisity from the media every time they have someone in their life. Likewise, there are a lot wondering to know about the personal life of actress and YouTuber Catherine.



fighting the urge to edit out my cellulite. BEIN REAL.

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As Catherine keeps her personal life wrapped under the box, it is little difficult to tell about her current boyfriend. None of the reliable sites cited anything about her affairs and dating stories. However, we came to know about some of her rumored relations. One of them is with Joey Graceffa.

Catherine Valdes and Joey Graceffa Catherine Valdes and Joey Graceffa


Catherine is rumored dating the actor Joey after her romantic chemistry in Six Degree of Separation. After working together, they were often spotted together in various places which made people speculate about their relationship. But, since none of the official sites has so far addressed the rumor, we can't say anything about their relationship for sure.

On seeing her Social media posts, we couldn't reach to any conclusion about her personal life as she rarely shares photos with her male friends. 



um, can you come back to LA please?

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Well, let's wait until she herself reveals her personal life to the world. As of now, all we can do is wish her for her better future.