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Home Gossip Catelynn Baltierra is Pregnant with Third Child: Know about her Married Life

Catelynn Baltierra is Pregnant with Third Child: Know about her Married Life

Chandra Rana Mon Feb, 2018
Catelynn Baltierra is Pregnant with Third Child: Know about her Married Life

Third-time charm for Catelynn Baltierra. The American TV  personality Catelynn Baltierra born as Catelynn Lowell is now pregnant with her third child that she shares with her long-time boyfriend now husband, Tyler Baltierra. 25-year-old Catelynn became famous through her work in the reality TV show Teen Mom OG that started airing on MTV on December 8, 2009, along with co-stars Amber Portwood, Maci McKinney, and Farrah Abraham.

Along with her successful career, Catelynn also manages to have a wonderful family life with her lovely husband and 2 daughters. After 10 years of dating, the couple finally got married and is living happily. 

Catelynn Baltierra and her husband Tyler Baltierra

Catelynn Baltierra and her husband Tyler Baltierra

Source: US Weekly

Without any delay, let's know all about Catelynn's relationship, her married life, and news of her upcoming third child.

Catelynn is pregnant with her third child

Many of you don't know, but Catelynn became a mother at the age of 16 with her then boyfriend now husband Tyler Baltierra while in high school. However, the couple was too young to parent a child, so they chose the path of adoption for their first daughter Carolynn Elizabeth Baltierra.

But, the scenario has changed now. Catelynn and Tyler are now not just parents of their second daughter, Novalee Baltierra, but are ready to welcome their third child together. The news of pregnancy came in the highlights after Catelynn revealed that she was pregnant with her third child on the Monday episode of Teen OG on January 29, 2018.

Tyler Baltierra's reaction after Catelynn revealed that she was pregnant

Tyler Baltierra's reaction after Catelynn revealed that she was pregnant

Source: Daily Mail

After taking a pregnancy test in the restroom of a restaurant where Catelynn was having lunch with her friend Hayley and Hayley’s son, Kingston, the test came positive. So, to surprise Tyler with the happy news, Catelynn told her daughter Novalee to show a T-Shirt with a print “I’m Going to Be a Big Sister.”

But at first, Tyler didn't believe and asked Catelynn:

Why do we have that shirt?

After Catelynn revealed that Novalee was going to be a big sister, Tyler instantly answered and even made the assumption that it was a prank saying:

No she’s not. Oh my God, you have to be on drugs right now.

Catelynn's daughter Novalee wearing a T-shirt with a print "I am going to be a big sister"

Catelynn's daughter Novalee wearing a T-shirt with a print "I am going to be a big sister"

Source: Daily Mail

Well, after some time, Catelynn told the news to Tyler, after which Tyler told his daughter Nova:

There’s a baby in mommy’s tummy.

Take a look at the video of Catelynn's pregnancy announcement

But along with the happy news, the reality Tv star has some problems too. Catelynn struggled with postpartum depression in the past soon after the birth of Novalee. This is what she said about it: 

It’s a daily fight in my mind to not be afraid of postpartum . I can’t let my mind stop me from one of the most amazing things ever.

Catelynn even entered a rehab back in November to battle suicidal thoughts and childhood trauma. Her Instagram post after the rehab jaunt hints that she has strengthened herself. Have a look.


#keeptalkingmh #whatdoesntkillmemakesmestronger

A post shared by Catelynn Lowell (@catelynnmtv) on

Stay strong, Catelynn.

Well, despite the pregnancy news, no further information has surfaced on the internet yet. We wish the happy family best wishes.

Catelynn and Tyler's married life, their children

As far as we know, Catelynn and Tyler were high school lovers. The couple became parents during their high school days and gave birth to their first daughter, Carolynn Elizabeth Baltierra, on May 18, 2009.

But, they were immature so they decided to put her for adoption. Carolynn was adopted by Brandon and Theresa Davis. Finally, the sweet couple got married on August 22, 2015. The wedding ceremony was held at Castle Farms in Charlevoix, Michigan, and was attended by 154 guests.

Catelynn Baltierra and Tyler Baltierra in their wedding

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Baltierra in their wedding

Source: The Knot

It's been more than 2 years since their marriage and the couple has been together for 12 years now. As far as we know, both Tyler and Catelynn are also free from records of past affairs. Going by their story, it seems both of them were each other's first love. 

The couple also welcomed their second daughter, Novalee Baltierra, on January 1, 2018,  prior to their marriage. Have a look at their cute daughter.

Catelynna and Tyler's daughter Novalee Baltierra

Tyler Baltierra with his daughter Novalee

Source: US Magazine

But the arrival of Novalee has not diminished the couple's affection for their first child that they gave for adaptation. Though Carolynn lives with her adoptive parents, Tyler and Catelynn visit her regularly. 

The couple visited Carolynn in August 2017 and even posted their excitement on social media. Have a look below. 

Both of them also shared their excitement on Twitter soon after the visit. Have a look.

The couple enjoys these reunions.  However, Tyler and Catelynn are not allowed to share the photos of their biological daughter Carolynn online. Probably, the identity of Carolynn is kept a secret as per the wishes of her adoptive parents.

But this has not stopped Catelynn from sharing the delight of visiting her daughter. Take a look.


Cheating rumors of Tyler Baltierra

Tyler and Catelynn, like many other celebrities, are not free from rumors. Tyler was alleged to be cheating on his wife. A fan tweeted a blind item to Baltierra from a website called Crazy Days And Nights on January 27, 2018, which was later claimed by another fan to be reliable.

Have a look.

Well, Tyler defending himself replied to the Tweet, saying:

No reliable evidence regarding the cheating allegations is out yet. Seems it was just a rumor. Tyler has further said about the allegation that he is in favor of truth, not victory.


It is not unusual for celebrities to be swamped with rumors, but it is important that they defend the allegations that come along their way in a calm, dignified manner. Just the way Tyler did.