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Home Gossip Casey Neistat's Wife Candice Pool's Net Worth and Properties: Her Professional Success From The Start

Casey Neistat's Wife Candice Pool's Net Worth and Properties: Her Professional Success From The Start

Kurt Mon Jun, 2018
Casey Neistat's Wife Candice Pool's Net Worth and Properties: Her Professional Success From The Start

When it comes to recognition, Candice Pool is not known as much as her husband Casey Neistat who is a YouTube personality, filmmaker, and the co-founder of defunct multimedia company Beme. It is true that her husband gets all the attention of the media and public but she is also a successful businesswoman with a successful company.

Candice does not come out to the public as much as her husband does, but we have gathered information regarding her career and net worth she has accumulated over the year. Get ready to discover about the Youtube star Casey Neistat's lovely wife Candice.

Jewelry Is A Candice's Best Friend; Her Career 

Candice is a beautiful girl with elegance and a class that makes her a gem of her own and it may not be a surprise to see her as a creative director and jewelry designer. She is the founder of Finn Jewelry and she has earned quite a name through her jewelry designs.

Prior to her joining the jewelry business, Candice made her living as a bartender. She had a strong desire for jewelry designing but never had any formal training. She began her journey to jewelry business selling friendly plastic and rhinestone earrings door to door.

It gave her the courage to go big and start her own business eventually.

CAPTION: Candice Living Her Life
SOURCE: wickedfacts

Candice founded her company Finn Jewelry in 2005 and within a year was able to establish the business as a line of precious jewelry that caters to everyone. The company has only grown bigger with time and has introduced classic and meticulous designs to the world.

Today the company displays a wide variety of collection starting from classics, Bridal, Western to Candice's Favorites with each category including rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

At present, Candice's company is able to boast of its clientele which includes Hollywood celebrities, supermodels, and movie stars. Some of the famous celebrities that have come to wear her designs include Karlie Kloss, Taylor Swift, and Naomi Watts among others.

CAPTION: Candice Promoting Her Brand
SOURCE: resourcemagonline

Likewise, Candice has also already expanded her business from jewelry to fashion designing.  She has launched a clothing line named Billy which according to her is a unisex clothing and accessories brand.

From selling plastic ornaments to getting celebrities to wear her jewelry, she has come a long way and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Net Worth As Pretty As The Jewel She Designs

Candice is the founder of one of the popular line up of jewelry which is only growing day by day. Her net worth is estimated to be over $1.5 million. The figures that she has generated are mostly through her business the Finn jewelry and her clothing line.

Her net worth only looks to increase with time, just like her company's growth.

CAPTION: Candice and Husband Casey
SOURCE: vogue

Aside from her business, she has also invested in a condo with her husband which was worth $3.5 million at the time of purchase.

The condo is at 2 River Terrace in Battery Park and consists of three bedrooms, four bathrooms, 2,095 square feet, a chef’s kitchen, an integrated TV, music and sound system and lovely river views. She is living the life of comfort that most would wish for.