Casey Anthony's Mom gets into a feud with Husband over daughter Casey during A&E documentary' interview

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Casey Anthony who was announced clean on killing own 2-year old daughter, Caylee Anthony, became the reason of a feud in between her parents. Casey's mother Cindy Anthony was involved in a feud with her husband while they were interviewed for an A&E documentary about the death of their grandchild.

Cindy's daughter was acquitted of murdering her own daughter in 2011 and the verdict had shocked the whole country, the whole of America.

The channel marked the ten year anniversary of Caylee's death, which took place in 2008 with the special "Casey Anthony's Parents Speak", the Daily Mail reports. The program featuring Cindy and George Anthony aired last night, May 28, at 8 PM EST.

VIDEO: Cindy Anthony get into a heated feud with husband Geroge Anthony during A&E interview

The two-year girl's body was found in December 2008, not far from home, inside a blanket which was wrapped in a trash bag.

During the program, the family was back in the home where Caylee is believed to have died.

Cindy stormed off the set while blaming her husband for their daughter Casey's alleged lying behavior.

George said,

There was different things that I got the blame for.

Cindy shouted, "NO", throwing her hand in the air while shouting. She even walked away in the middle of the interview. Cindy then insisted to her husband that he somehow encouraged their daughter to lie,

No, but I’m telling you, you lied to me for several years and that’s where our daughter got it.

Denying Cindy, George said,

Don’t deny it.

Casey has lived a party girl life since being acquitted of killing Caylee. The prosecutors accused Casey of muring her own child and hiding her body in the jungle, yet she was declared "not guilty". The shocking murder has never been solved.

VIDEO: Casey Anthony on Caylee's death

Speaking of the unsolved case, Cindy asked for some answers at the show, asking,

I was told my granddaughter died in the pool. And I want the f***ing answers to that.

Cindy herself reported that her granddaughter has gone missing on July 15, 2008, saying it has already been 31 days since she last saw Caylee.