Carol Kirkwood diverts viewers when she appeared in sensational red dress

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The BBC climate report was exhibited via Carol Kirkwood again today who looked completely astounding in a stunning red dress. 

Hymn assumed control from Matt Taylor who has been exhibiting the section all week and wound up diverting watchers as she flashed a clue of cleavage. 

BBC Weather reporter Carol Kirkwood returned to presenting

BBC Weather reporter Carol Kirkwood returned to presenting

Source: BBC

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Conveying the morning gauge from the Rose Garden in Buckingham Palace, the meteorologist told watchers it will be a crisp begin today and it will be wet and blustery in the west.

The south west and Wales will have a considerable measure of rain yet it will clear through the course of the day, though it will fundamentally be dry in the east and north of the UK. 

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This evening, the rain will move out of Northern Ireland and move toward the south west of Scotland yet there will be the odd shower in the north west England.

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Down the east drift, there will be drier conditions particularly in East Anglia, London, and the south east. 

BBC weather reporter Carol Kirkwood

BBC weather reporter Carol Kirkwood

Source: The Sun

The Midlands and regions in the south will be at danger of showers, notwithstanding, the south west and Wales will deteriorate conditions as they will have overwhelming showers and breezy rain until 4 pm.

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Tonight, the rain will move eastwards and in the north, it will be drier yet luckily, tomorrow is looking better as there will be a blend of splendid spells, the daylight, and showers. 

BBC weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood

BBC weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood

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