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Home Gossip Carlos Penavega's Net Worth Has Rapidly Increased Over The years, Also Know His career, Salary

Carlos Penavega's Net Worth Has Rapidly Increased Over The years, Also Know His career, Salary

Ayush Rayamajhi Wed Feb, 2018
Carlos Penavega's Net Worth Has Rapidly Increased Over The years, Also Know His career, Salary

Carlos Pena Jr, who changed his name to Carlos PenaVega, first appeared on the NBC's medical drama series, ER when he was ten. He has also featured on various tv commercials including the Super Soaker brand's water gun with his image on the toy's pack when he was in high school.

The 28 years old actor and singer is best known for his role in the Nickelodeon's comedy musical series, Big Time Rush which aired in 2009. Carlos starred as the lead role in the series as Carlos Gracia. His income then was around $1 million per year.

Carlos Penavega

Carlos Penavega

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The Spanish descendant is also the member of the boy band "Big Time Rush" which was also formed in the same year as the Nickelodeon series.The band consists of four members and all of them starred in the series. Talking about Pena's net worth, it is estimated to be around $6 million.

Carlos was also the host of the children's game show Web Heads which aired on Nickelodeon in 2014.

Carlos PenaVega Net Worth, Salary, and Career

Carlos is popular for his performance mostly on television including his current role in The Loud House. Talking about the big screen roles, he recently appeared in the WWE Studios action comedy film Killing Hasselhoff. He was paid (as a salary) over $100K for his role as Pedro. The film was released in August 2017 starring Kim Jeong and David Hasselhoff.

Carlos Penavega

Carlos PenaVega

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The Big Time Rush star had an aggregate salary of around $250K per year during the year 2013. By that time, his net worth was over 2.7 million. In 2012, Carlos featured in the animated film, The Giant King, and he also voiced the character Krudd. He bagged around $130K from the film.


He also worked as the voice actor for Bobby Santiago in the Nickelodeon's animated series The Loud House, which aired in 2016. For this, he was paid a salary of around $310K. And as we mentioned earlier, he has crossed the $6 million mark in his net worth which is expected to increase by 30% in 2018. Carlos will be starring in the new comedy-drama series,  Life Sentence which will air in March this year.



Besides, the actor's films include Little Birds, The Hangover Hollywood, Code Academy and the 2015 drama film, Spare Parts. Carlos and his wife Alexa Vega have a Youtube Channel LexLovesLos where they post the vlog of their daily lives and have over 665K subscribers. 

Carlos PenaVega as a Singer

As a singer, Carlos and his band, Big Time Rush released two albums in 2011, BTR and Elevate and the third album 24/seven was the band's latest album.



Later in 2014, Carlos released his first solo album, Electro and was able to get into the top 10 in Latin iTunes song. Carlos also competed in the 21st season of Dancing with the Stars along with his wife in 2015.

Carlos PenaVega: House, Car, Youtube Channel, Wife, Son

Carlos lives in Valley Village, Los Angeles with his wife Alex Vega and his son. The couple along with their son Ocean King often posts interesting videos related to their life on their YouTube channel. Carlos and his wife welcomed their son on December 7, 2016.

Video: WE FOUND OUR HOME || LexLovesLos

Carlos drives a Cadillac Escalade which has a starting price of $73,995 for the base model. Carlos and his wife flaunted their car via a YouTube video while they were going for car shopping.