Car Crashes into Church During Sunday Service in Columbus, Ohio, 6 People Injuring

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An elderly congregant smashed his Toyota Corolla car into a church in Columbus, Ohio during Sunday service. Congregants at Crossroads United Methodist Church initially thought a bomb exploded when the crash occurred.

Six people among 100 in the church were injured from after shattered stained glass rained on them as the car plowed into the building during a special Christmas performance. Congregants were singing a hymn when the car crashed through the wall.

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CAPTION: Car Crashes into Church During Sunday Service in Columbus, Ohio, 6 People Injuring SOURCE: Fox News

Marie Winnestaffer, a woman who was sitting in a pew struck by Toyota Corolla, told the Columbus Dispatch, "I didn’t see anything. I just went with the flow. It slid us across the aisle. It felt like a bomb."

According to the Rev. Jay Anderson, congregants were about 15 minutes into the 10:30 a.m. service. The injured people were reportedly rushed to the hospital with cuts and other injuries.

He told Columbus Dispatch, "Suddenly that wall just exploded. There were pieces of glass flying and then you saw the car come through."

A second congregant Marsha McClure told the publication that it sounded "like the cannon at the Blue Jackets games," when the accident, which has left a wide hole in part of the church, occurred.

Police has not disclosed the identity of the driver, neither they revealed if charges have been planned for him.

However, according to congregants, the driver was a 92-year-old woman. They have declined to give her name.

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