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Home Gossip Canadian Minecraft gamer, Graser10, focusing on losing weight

Canadian Minecraft gamer, Graser10, focusing on losing weight

Richa Fri Apr, 2016
Canadian Minecraft gamer, Graser10, focusing on losing weight

Stories of Minecraft gamer Graser10 losing weight are taking a good space in the market one after another time. For now, popular YouTube star is planning to lose his weight. Being a Minecraft YouTuber, he is also known as an organizer of Cube SMP server. According to him, looking on his brother Josh and Adam with their perfect weight he also gained interested in losing it. Therefore, he is taking good tips from his close people in order to maintain his body. 

His face with natural expression in videos is getting popular ranking among his fans. His real name is not clearly indicated among the people but is just noted as a boy with a fair skin. Along with that, he has no any spouse in his life since he is too young to get married.

With the popularity in Minecraft games, he earned much of his fan followings with many ideas of quiz and he earned popularity in such an early age itself is not a joke. But he thinks he has gained a lot of weight, therefore, planning to maintain his body and look slim. He is currently busy visiting to the fitness center and eating proper balanced diet. His parents are also supportive of him in regard to losing weight

He also threw a grand birthday party in his current birthday celebration. It was a private event among his close friends. He was conscious of his food and controlling over fats. According to him, he loves fat foods a lot which is the major reason of his gaining weight. However, he is controlling and sharing tips among his friends as well. According to him, it is too early to tie up the knot and start a married life. So, he is busy with his YouTube videos and enjoying moments with his friends for now.