Cameron Mathison Married to Girlfriend Vanessa Arevalo Since 2002 with Two Children

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All My children’s Ryan Lavery is none other than Cameron Mathison. Renowned actor and host Mathison is married to Vanessa Arevalo. Mathison and Arevalo are an excellent example of a perfect couple. They not just look good together but looks like they are actually meant to be together. How can we tell? Because they have been married successfully since 2002.

Let’s find out more about this couple and their children.

Who is Cameron Mathison's wife Vanessa Arevalo?

Mathison’s wife Vanessa was a model for 18 years. She also owns her own clothing line, KEA + JOBY  along with her partner Nicole Kroll. She is a very talented lady who found success wherever she stepped. 

Cameron Mathison and Vanessa Arevalo

Image: Cameron Mathison and Vanessa Arevalo 

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Cameron and his gorgeous wife Vanessa are now parents to two grown-up kids. 

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Cameron Mathison and Vanessa Arevalo's Children: Vanessa said being a mom wasn't easy

Mathison and Arevalo are a proud parent of two. Their son Lucas Arthur is 14 years old and their daughter, Leila Emmanuelle is 11 years old at present. Both the kids are getting all the love and care from their parent, Cameron, and Vanessa.

Mathison’s wife shared that being a mom wasn’t an easy job for her. During an interview, she shared that she felt quite confused about her identity as she transformed from a successful model to a stay-at-home mom.

However, she added that after a while it felt all natural and she feels great at present.

Cameron Mathison and Vanessa Arevalo with their son Lucas

Image: Cameron Mathison and Vanessa Arevalo with their son Lucas

Source: Gettyimages


During Mathison’s Dancing With the Star’s participation, things got quite rough for the Mathisons. They had to look after their kids and manage their works as well. Mathison’s wife says,

I didn’t want to uproot the family and I wanted to be home as much as possible because Cameron wasn’t there for those three months. But I also wanted to be there to support Cameron on the night of the dancing.

When things come up we just kind of have to figure it out, there’s no formula, we just roll with the punches. You just have to be so flexible.

Video: Watch Cameron Mathison's dance

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Cameron Mathison and Vanessa Arevalo don't want more kids

Mathison has a happy family of four and it seems like they don’t have any plans to welcome another baby into their lives. Arevalo said,

I would have to say no to [more kids]. We have so much joy from these two and definitely have our hands full and have exciting projects — so, I think we’re done.

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Cameron Mathison is a great father

Mathison, despite being so busy, seems to be a very loving husband and a great father. Arevalo revealed that her husband has been there all the time. She said,

He’s definitely, definitely hands on! He actually surprised me with how hands on he was, pretty much immediately. He was there from the beginning, obviously when he’s busy he becomes less hands-on, but he’s pretty much there.

Despite being married for nearly 16 years, Mathison's relationship with his wife is in great terms. There are no rumors of divorce between the couple.


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Quick facts about Cameron Mathison:

When did Cameron Mathison and Vanessa Arevalo get married?

Cameron Mathison and Vanessa Arevalo got married in 2002.

How many kids do Cameron Mathison and Vanessa Arevalo have?

The couple is blessed with two children, son, Lucas Arthur, and daughter, Leila Emmanuelle.