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Home Gossip Cameron Dallas is dating Rachel Bentley now; what about his ex-girlfriend Madison Beer?

Cameron Dallas is dating Rachel Bentley now; what about his ex-girlfriend Madison Beer?

Jharna Prasai Thu Dec, 2016
Cameron Dallas is dating Rachel Bentley now; what about his ex-girlfriend Madison Beer?

Cameron Alexander Dallas is an American personality known for his videos on Vine and in YouNow. He also has appeared in movies and television programs. Dallas is the 11th most-followed account in Vine. He is one of the most-followed people in social media.

Dallas has been able to make lots of female fans; all thanks to his charming personality and good looks. He is seen with many girls but never has confirmed about their relations. Lately, Cameron is seen with Rachel Bentley in intimating photos that define their relationship. Before Rachel, he was also seen with Madison Beer and several other girls.

Who is Cameron Alexander Dallas Dating?

Cameron Alexander Dallas has always created confusion among his fans about his girlfriends. Quite often, he is seen holding hands and kissing with many new girls. He has been seen with Rachel, Madison, Sofia, and Ariana Grande. But he has not claimed anyone to be his official girlfriend.


Recently in the truth and dare session in YouNow, after the request of his fans, he confirmed that he had only one girlfriend.

He said, "Okay, I have had only one girlfriend." He confirmed that in the junior year, he dated a girl named Jasmine and also noted that she was her official girlfriend. He dated her for four months, and in mutual understanding, they got apart.

Dallas once dated Hailey Baldwin from August 2016 to 2017.

Did Cameron Alexander Dallas Date Madison Beer?

Cameron Alexander Dallas and Madison Beer have known to each other after, Cameron replied, "You're beautiful" on one of Madison's tweet on January 6, 2013. They were seen together holding hands at Carter Reynolds's 18th birthday party in 2014.

They were also seen together in Cameron's videos. Madison and Cameron were seen together in the crowd running away from the media and avoiding his fans.

The majority of his fans believed that they were dating each other. Madison was hated a lot because Dallas's supporters did not like her. But in M Magazine, Madison told that they were just friends. Dallas was helping her to protect from the crowd.

Is Cameron Alexander Dallas dating Rachel Bentley?

Whenever Cameron is asked about his affairs, he said that he is single, and the girl he is seen with is just a close friend. But all those pictures make us compelled to think that they are just more than friends.

Likewise, Dallas and Rachel, who has been rumored to be his ex-girlfriend, are seen together several times. They are seen holding hands of each other and enjoying each other's presence.

Cameron Alexander Dallas and Rachel Bentley Source:    

Rachel and Cameron's lip-lock pictures are all over the social sites. He said, "He was taken," posting pictures of them, but later on, he said that was just an April fool joke.

After a while, he tweeted that he is seeing Rachel, but he is still single. Dallas has never said that Rachel is his girlfriend.

All those pictures make us hard to think that they are not dating and just close friends.

Update: Talking about Cameron Dallas's current relationship status, the handsome hunk is already taken. He is currently dating girlfriend Madisyn Menchaca