California Woman Sentenced to Prison For 15 Years For Beating Grandfather, 92, With Brick

Updated On 02 Mar, 2019 Published On

A woman from Los Angeles, California, namely Laquisha Jones, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for brutally beating a grandfather, Rodolfo Rodriguez, 92, with a brick.

The 30-year-old was sentenced on Thursday, February 28, after being charged with elder abuse charges in December.

She was originally charged with attempted murder but it was later dropped after the suspect negotiated a plea deal.

The brutal attack was captured on video and shared on multiple social media sites

It was July 4 when Laquisha severely beat the old man in the face with a brick as he was taking a walk.

The victim was left with a broken cheekbone, two broken ribs and other bruising throughout his body. He was not able to provoke the attack.

In the footage an eyewitness, Misbel Borjas, captured, Rodolfo sits dazed with his face bloodied. The witness also took a photo of the woman as she held a brick in her hand.

Misbel said, at one point, the Laquisha told at Rodolfo, "Go back to your country."

The 92-year-old man's grandson, Erik Mendoza, said his grandfather was walking in the neighborhood when he accidentally bumped into a child who was with her mom.

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