California Wildfire: At Least 63 People Died and 631 Missing

Updated On 16 Nov, 2018 Published On

At least 63 people have found dead and 631 people are missing from the backlash of a Northern California wildfire. The wildfire, which is the nation’s deadliest wildfire in a century, has marked an ever-evolving accounting of the missing.

Officials were scrambling to pinpoint everyone’s whereabouts. Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said on Thursday, November 15, that the missing people include some who fled the blaze, without realizing that they had been reported missing.

Authorities are making the missing list public so people could see if they are on it and could able to let authorities know they are safe.

Of the early crisis hours last week, Kory said, "The chaos that we were dealing with was extraordinary. Now we’re trying to go back out and make sure that we’re accounting for everyone."

As previously reported, one year ago in December, a Thomas Fire exploded from a brush fire to a raging inferno in Southern California. That wildfire was of the six major wildfires that torched the state, destroying over 1,000 structures

Additionally, ten years ago, two wildfires advanced on Paradise that led residents jumped into their vehicles to flee; they got stuck in gridlock.

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