California Serial Killer Juan Corona Dies At Age 85

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California serial killer Juan Corona had been serving 25 concurrent life sentences and on Monday, March 4, he died. He was 85.

Corona was one of the most active serial killers in the USA before being convicted in 1971.

Corona, who was imprisoned in Corcoran, California, was convicted of killing and burying the dead bodies of 25 California farm laborers.

The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's Vicky Waters said Corona had been moved to an undisclosed hospital but he eventually passed away there.

Many of the workers Corona killed were actually hired by himself. He murdered most of the victims via stabbing. He had killed a worker with a gunshot to the head.

He used to bury the dead bodies in shallow graves along the Feather River, a Tributary in California. 

Corona was arrested after a peach farmer became suspicious after finding a hole that had been "freshly dug and then quickly filled in." The peach farmer was the one who had contracted with Corona for hired pickers.

When the authorities arrived at the scene, they saw a someone was burying garbage in his orchard but when they dig it, they found a dead body.

Corona was arrested one week later. Authorities made a search operation after which, they found 24 more people.

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