California's Bob Hope Airport to be named 'Hollywood Burbank Airport'

Updated On 03 May, 2016 Published On

Bob Hope Airport, which is a public airport in Los Angeles County, California, has had its name changed perennially. Ever since its inception, it has been United Airport (1930–1934), Union Air Terminal (1934–1940), Lockheed Air Terminal (1940–1967), Hollywood-Burbank Airport (1967–1978), Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport (1978–2003), Bob Hope Airport (2003–2016), and now the airport, which was originally in the city limits, is set to be titled 'Hollywood Burbank Airport'.

The airport, which was named after the famous British-American comedian in 2003, will be rebranded as airport officials voted 8 to 1 on Monday so as to increase its recognition with passengers outside of Southern California, especially with those east of the Colorado Rockies.

'Bob Hope isn’t doing it. The name of the airport - Bob Hope - is just not. We’ve been told by our travel agencies here and been told by the airlines that we’ve got to do something, and the name Bob Hope just doesn’t identify with this airport.' said commissioner Don Brown.

However, the airfield's legal name is set to stay unchanged.