California Man Gets 9 Years in Prison for Physically Abusing Neighbors' Dogs

Updated On 17 Mar, 2019 Published On

A California man, namely David C. Herbert, 37, was sentenced to 9 years in prison on Friday, March 15, for physically abusing the dogs of his neighbors using various methods that included acid and poison.

The 37-year-old man, who was a former Navy corpsman by profession, was arrested in August 2018 and charged with six counts of animal cruelty, four misdemeanor counts of vandalism and one count of burglary.

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Police said in April 2017 that Maria Morales and her son, 4, came home to see if their home vandalized and they found their Siberian husky dog named Estrella had an eye gouged out. The incident forced the mother-son duo to move away in fear of their safety.

As per the report, Maria said in the courtroom, "How do you explain to a 4-year-old that a human being gets to be so cruel?"

Police found after the investigation that in David's computer showed searches for "How to get a dog to drink antifreeze."

When another neighbor then brought a Golden retriever, Lala, home, it disappeared just two days later. According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, the dog is missing and presumed dead. Police found blood on his baseball bat and in his vehicle.

The owner of the dog, Michelle Plaketta, said in the suspect's hearing that her daughter "doesn’t have a best friend anymore."

The lawyer for David said he has "major depressive disorder."

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