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Updated On Jul 19, 2019 Published On Feb 28, 2017
Facts of Caitlin Jean Stasey
Date of Birth: 1990 , May-1
Birth Nation: Australia
Height: 5 Feet 3 Inch
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Caitlin's career started in 2003 when she acted in a tv series for children "The sleepover club". Though her career started in 2003, she was interested in acting since childhood at the age of 6. She also has an active interest in writing, screenplays, and documentary.

Caitlin is well known for Neighbours(2005), Please Like me(2013), Reign(2013), All Cheerleaders Die(2013),  I, Frankenstein(2014) and  Tomorrow, When the War Began(2010).

Caitlin Stasey is in a romantic relationship with Lucas Neff. However, she considers herself as a lesbian and also has stated that 'I’ve known I was mostly gay ever since I can remember'. She revealed her sexuality in a female empowerment website "Herself".

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Caitlin Jean Stasey was born

May 1 , 1990

Caitlin Jean Stasey was born on May 1, 1990, in Melbourn, Victoria, Australia. Her father is David Stasey and mother is Sally Stasey. She has a sister Victoria Stasey. Caitlin attended Star of the Sea College. 

Traveled the world


In 2000, "I still call Australia Home"  is an Australian Girls Choir in a Qantas commercial, singing. Caitlin took part in the girl choir and was featured in travelling the world as a member when she was at the age of 10.

Debut performance as an actor


In 2003, Caitlin started as an actor. Her debut performance was in a television show for children named "The sleepover club". She got the main role of Francesca "Frankie" Thomas and acted in 27 episodes.

Role in Neighbours


In 2005, Caitlin got a role in Neighbours. The series started in 2005 until 2009. Caitlin had a regular role in the series as Rachel Kinski. She performed in 275 episodes in the series. She is mainly known for her role in Neighbours.

Role in Tomorrow, When the War Began


In 2010, Caitlin had the role in Tomorrow, When The War Began as Ellie Linton, who is a teenage girl who is documenting her time in Australia. It is a movie which was adapted from a teen novel.

Role in Please Like me


In 2013, Caitlin got a role in Please Like me as a Main role. She acted as Claire in the series. It is a comedy drama on ABC2 in Australia. The show started in 2013 and ended in 2016. The show explores realistic issues with humorous tones.

Role in All Cheerleaders Die


All Cheerleaders Die is an independent comedy horror film. The film is a remake of the same name "All Cheerleaders Die".The movie had its world premiere on September 5, 2013, at the Toronto International Film Festival.

I, Frankenstein


I, Frankenstein is an American-Australian fantasy film. The story is about  Adam, Frankenstein's monster, going on a dangerous journey and determined to stop evil demons and their ruthless leader from taking over the world. 

Caitlin is a lesbian


Caitlin Stasey has a boyfriend Lucas Neff. However, she considers herself as a lesbian and has stated in a website named Herself that  'I’ve known I was mostly gay ever since I can remember'.