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Home Gossip Cady McClain proud to have met some amazing women directors as the actress reveals on Twitter

Cady McClain proud to have met some amazing women directors as the actress reveals on Twitter

Angus Whyte Wed May, 2017
Cady McClain proud to have met some amazing women directors as the actress reveals on Twitter

This article is about a famous American actress - Cady McClain. The two-time Emmy Award-winner actress, McClain revealed some insightful glance of the deep dip belly of Hollywood. She expressed her views on how women directors are progressing, with the dream of producing movies.

McClain actively supports female development in every field and appreciates women progress. She believes women are more capable than they feel. According to her, women tend to feel they are weaker than men, which is not at all true. She wants to eliminate this belief and push women towards success. On this process, she revealed her excitement when she met some amazing women directors. 

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Cady McClain is proud to meet some stunning women directors

Cady McClain tweeted on her official Twitter page that she is euphoric with the ladies leaders. She mentioned Catherine Hardwicke, Elizabeth Banks and Sam Taylor-Johnson on her tweets. She expressed how these women changed the previous old school director profession.

Picture of Cady McClain

Image: Cady McClain

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Cady McClain praising Catherine Hardwicke on Twitter

Catherine McClain, reports on one of her latest tweets that the young adult (#YA) ever, was able to make $28 million at the box office on the first weekend. "Twilight" that made its release in 2008 was directed by Catherine Hardwick herself which also made $400 million.

Twilight, which achieved a lot of box-office success is all about fantasies. The movie won the hearts of millions of fans across the globe.

Cady McClain shows her appreciation for Elizabeth Banks and Sam Taylor-Johnsons' direction

In 2015, two movies, Pitch Perfect 2 and 50 Shades of Grey were the top-grossing films directed by a female director. 'Pitch Perfect 2' happens to be a musical comedy connected to its first series of Pitch Perfect released in 2012. Pitch Perfect 2 grossed $287.5 million of its actual budget $29 million. The movie won Banks the nomination for Golden Raspberry Awards in 2016.

Image: Elizabeth Banks

Source: tracking-board

Then again, 50 Shades of Grey directed by another female director, Sam Taylor-Johnson is an erotic romantic drama of the same novel among its other parts. This film made $571 million at the box office of its $40 million budget. Furthermore, the drama is nominated for Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Director. Sounds weird but it's true. It is the success that inspired its sequel "Fifty Shades Darker", but is directed by someone other than Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Cady McClain has contributed a documentary for Women directors saying, "Seeing is Believing". It is not only on Twitter that she has raised her voice for the support of women direction but also on Instagram and Facebook.

In her one tweet, she wrote that she has a female-driven movie, but she can’t get it financed to get it launched, because of the state of the film industry. These are the things which have driven her to be so focused in women direction development work.

Cady McClain's whole effort is to remove the obstacles in acting and leadership in a male-dominated society, Talking about the history of her previous affairs, none are received yet. McClain's profession and social work delayed her marriage with longtime boyfriend, Jon Lindstrom.

Though it was a hush-hush, Cady McClain and Jon Lindstrom finally got married on the 14th February 2014, the valentines day. Currently, Cady McClain lives with her husband Jon Lindstrom and are not divorced.

There is a rumor about Cady expecting a child, but the news is not confirmed yet. Even though she is a star in everyone's eyes, and her personal life is not a secret to her fans, her net worth is not published. 

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