Bye Bye Weeds! Miley Cyrus Life A No Smoking Zone: Says 'I want to be super clear and sharp'

Updated On 23 Nov, 2017 Published On

Seems like American singer Miley Cyrus is evolving with time. The singer who was caught up in the addictive world of drugs and narcotics has all of a sudden decided to take her life to the different dimension.

The 24-years-old singer recently opened up about her addiction and how it had ruined her life and addressed about quitting all kinds of drugs including weeds.

Miley Smoking onstage at the MTV Europe Music Awards

Miley Smoking onstage at the MTV Europe Music Awards

"I used to [resist changing]. But I haven’t smoked weed in three weeks, which is the longest I’ve ever [gone without it]. I’m not doing drugs, I’m not drinking, I’m completely clean right now. That was just something that I wanted to do,” she said while talking to Billboard magazine.

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"I like to surround myself with people that make me want to get better, more evolved, open. And I was noticing, it’s not the people that are stoned. I want to be super clear and sharp because I know exactly where I want to be."

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Miley who was left behind in the race as the singer is all clear about her future and where she wants to be ahead in her life. The singer also all set to release her new single "Malibu,” on May 11, which is the musical interpretation of her love with Liam Hemsworth.


Time changes, and with it, changes things. Leaving behind a sweet bitter life, Cyrus chose to open a different chapter in her life. Let's wish her the best of luck.