Bruce, a.k.a Caitlyn Jenner, an Olympian and Father of Six Unveiled the Sex Transplant in Her Memoir

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It's been only two years that Bruce, the father of Kailey and Kindle is out of the closet and has publicly admitted being a Transgender. The veteran speaker of transsexual equality and once America's most liked Athlete is now a woman from all aspects after undergoing the sex transplant.

Caitlyn Jenner in an interview with Peoples magazine recently outed that she went through knife and performed a complex surgery to get a physically corrected body that she desired throughout her life.

Bruce, a.k.a Caitlyn Jenner in Vanity Fair

Bruce, a.k.a Caitlyn Jenner in the cover Vanity Fair

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Once an American hero and now an inspiration for millions of Transgender generation all over the world is now making top headlines and has taken the media by storms after she outed that she is physically a woman now. 

She has a strong viewpoint on being transgender as she always supports transgender surgeries. She personally thinks that going through surgeries never makes anyone less of a transgender than the one living without a surgery.

Here is what she has to say to her fans

It was a hard road to take for Bruce Jenner, an Olympic gold medalist track runner athlete, father, and reality TV star to admit her inner feelings. But she took the hard way and it has been a while that the world has started respecting her identity.



Her next step is to let the world know her hardship being a celebrity male figure in the U.S with a suppressed female living inside her. And she has chosen to publish a memoir which will be out on 25th April.

Father Bruce, a.k.a Caitlyn Jenner with his daughter

Father Bruce, a.k.a Caitlyn Jenner with his daughter

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The book called "The Secrets of My Life" will hit the online stores and bookstores on 25th April. The book will be a way to slam away all the questions about her life and all of it's when and ifs. The whole question started after Caitlyn revealed herself as Transsexual in mids of 2015.

Bruce, a.k.a Caitlyn Jenner In Glaad

Bruce, a.k.a Caitlyn Jenner In Glaad

We never knew that she will climb mountains and even change her identity from Bruce (An all conquered man) to Caitlyn but the story is no more a secret. People are already ordering her book and is set to be America's next huge seller.