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Home Gossip Broadcaster Cathy Marshall is married to husband John Marler. No Divorce rumors

Broadcaster Cathy Marshall is married to husband John Marler. No Divorce rumors

Ashmita Karki Mon Nov, 2016
Broadcaster Cathy Marshall is married to husband John Marler. No Divorce rumors

American broadcast journalist Cathy Marshall is married to John Marler. This pair can also be called as husband-wife TV news team, as Marshall’s husband Marler is also a television journalist. At present, Marshall and Marler have four amazing kids. Despite being married for so many years, this amazing pair’s relationship is going really perfect even today. There are no rumors of divorce between this couple.

Cathy Marshall is a great mother to her children

 Marshall is a very successful journalist who is also involved in charity works. Despite being so busy and engaged in her work, Marshall has raised all her children so well. She is the perfect example of a work-life-home-life balancing woman. Even her husband Marler accepts it. He says: 'Cathy's true calling has nothing to do with TV. She really is the world's greatest mom.'

Image: Cathy Marshall

Cathy Marshall's husband John Marler is supportive

However, we can’t deny the fact that it wouldn't have been possible without the help of her husband. As we all know that it takes both the parents to have a successful family. Even Marshall accepts that her husband has been very supportive. She praises his effort and willingness to change their kid’s diaper and get down on the floor them when they were young.

Image: John Marler

Cathy Marshall and John Marler's children are grown-up already

Hilary, Susan and Griffen are the three children among the four. You will be amazed to know that Marshall and Marler’s fourth kid went to the Kindergarten in the year 2008, which means the baby is already an eighth grader now. Time really flies! Isn’t it?

Image: Cathy Marshall with husband John Marler and children

Things were not easy for Cathy Marshall and John Marler

Back when Marshall’s kids were really small, people wanted to know how she and her husband managed time. During an interview, Marshall revealed the truth. She said: ‘on weekdays, the whole family rises at 6:30 a.m. or so, perhaps earlier if Griffen gets inspired. We share a meal, and I head off to work, where I start gathering news. Meanwhile, Marler drives the children to the Madeleine School and Cathedral School. As the day moves on, I pick up Marler, brings him to work, then picks up the students. A nanny meets the whole family at KATU and brings the children home. In the night, I go home to read to the children, say evening prayer and make them sleep” Isn’t Marshall a super mom?

Image: Cathy Marshall

Are Cathy Marshall and John Marler getting a divorce?

No matter, how hard things were on Marshall’s side, her darling husband never left her. This couple is a perfect example of true love. Marshall has never cheated on her husband. Similarly, her husband Marler has also been faithful towards Marshall and never had any extramarital affair. Even at present, there is not a slight hint of divorce between them.