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Home Gossip British Stand-Up Comedian Romesh Ranganathan's Married Life With Wife Leesa-Do They Share Children?

British Stand-Up Comedian Romesh Ranganathan's Married Life With Wife Leesa-Do They Share Children?

Sayuri Sun Dec, 2018
British Stand-Up Comedian Romesh Ranganathan's Married Life With Wife Leesa-Do They Share Children?

It is said that laughter is the best antidote to stress, pain, and conflict, but it takes the likes of Romesh Ranganathan who has a particularly high sense of humor and has built such magnificent reputation in the field to administer this pill.     

Since he left his job as a mathematics teacher, the British Stand-Up Comedian has gone a long way in making a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Ranganathan is not just known as the “Hardest Working Comedian” but he is also praised as one comedian who knows how to dominate a room. Today, let us find out more about his married life, relationship, and children. 

Romesh Ranganathan Is A Happily Married Man-Meet His Wife 

The English comedian Romesh is married to Leesa Ranganathan, a drama teacher, and his longtime girlfriend. The couple first met when Romesh was working his way through the entertainment industry as a comedian.    

CAPTION: Romesh Ranganathan and his wife Leesa Ranganathan
SOURCE: Zimbio

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Leesa has been the best supporter of his journey to stardom and Romesh himself has candidly admitted that he would have been a “rubbish teacher” without his wife's support.

CAPTION: Leesa Ranganathan and kids
SOURCE: The Celebs Closet

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Despite the constant pressure placed on them by work and all the paparazzi, the couple still lives together happily. The duo is happily married which is very rare nowadays among celebrities because of high-pressure jobs, paparazzi and also scandals that shred marriages apart.  

Romesh Ranganathan's Children 

The British comedian is a devoted father of three children: Theo Ranganathan, Alex Ranganathan, Charlie Ranganathan. He had all three of his children with wife Leesa Ranganathan. 

CAPTION: Romesh Ranganathan and his kids
SOURCE: Height Line

Romesh has revealed that while having three children and he was both nervous and afraid, he talked about his fears in one of his stand-ups saying that ‘who has three kids now’ and revealed that three children are too much responsibility in a comedic way.

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Those fears quickly disappeared when his wife, Leesa, gave birth to their son Charlie while he was performing on the stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and shared the news amidst his audience in a moment of emotions how proud he is and how much he values his wife for her ‘chilling out’. 

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Romesh Ranganathan said that he faced many troubles when it comes to raising children on many occasions during his stand-ups like ‘modern parenting’ in his unique funny way. He also revealed that he could not have done it without his wife Leesa who actually pays attention to them more than he does.

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