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Home Gossip British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay Living Happily With Tana Ramsay and 4 Children

British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay Living Happily With Tana Ramsay and 4 Children

Himadri Hamal Thu Dec, 2017
British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay Living Happily With Tana Ramsay and 4 Children

Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay is one of the most celebrated faces of the cuisine world. Also a media personality, Gordon runs the popular TV series like Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef, MasterChef Junior, The F Word, which premiered on Fox in May, and Culinary Genius, which will be broadcast in the US soon. Almost every one of us knows about his professional life as he is doing great within his career.

But what about the personal life of this 51-year-old celebrity chef? What about his better half Tana Ramsay and his bundle of joy, his children?


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Gordon, the man with magical hands who has a net worth of $60 million, as of 2017, is a family man who loves spending time with his wife and four children. Gordon seems to be a family man.He loves beings surrounded by them and also believes today wherever he stands and whatever he is, he owes his success to his wife and children. He says without them he is incomplete.

Tana Ramsay is the lucky wife of husband Gordon Ramsay

Gordon and Tana, a Montessori-trained former schoolteacher, got married on 21 December 1996. They have been together for more than 20 years now. The couple has 4 children, fraternal twins Jack and Holly and daughters Megan and Matilda. Tana was just 18-years-old when the couple had their first baby girl.

The two have not had any controversies or rumors yet, in their long married life. Despite being a celebrity on his own right, Gordon has not been reported of having any extramarital affairs, relationships, etc.

Ramsay is a celebrity father of 4 children

Ramsay has somehow managed to find time, between TV shows, traveling, and leading a number of restaurants, for his family. He is a super dad who wants his children to be hardworking and independent like him. In fact, Ramsay has taught his four children, Matilda, Megan, and twins Jack and Holly, to cook on their own. And guess what? The super dad Gordon gave his youngest daughter a hand with filming her own cooking show. What else might any daughter expect from her darling daddy?


Oh boy, time flies....#tbt

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Why is Tilly Ramsay so famous: Just because of her dad Gordon's name or what else?

Daddy's girl Matilda 'Tilly' Ramsay has grown up now. Tilly is now giving her best in making a name for herself in the world of cooking. She has her own CBBC cooking show called Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch, which features her entire family.

At a time when television is dominated by celebrity chefs, Gordon is the first name that comes in everybody's mind. Gordon has always been known for his is rude, impoite attitude and demand for perfection. But the Gordon Ramsay that goes home to his wife and family is completely different from what he is on his on-screen. 

For years, Ramsay and his family have supported various charities. One of those is Women's Aid, an organization that provides support to women and children who have been the victims of domestic abuse, a subject close to his heart.