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Home Gossip British-American Actress Emily Blunt's Net Worth and Income

British-American Actress Emily Blunt's Net Worth and Income

Blueprince Fri Sep, 2018
British-American Actress Emily Blunt's Net Worth and Income

Emilia Olivia Leah Blunt known to the world as Emily Blunt is a famous British-American actress. Blunt's career reached its peak when she was featured in the hit movie The Devil Wears Prada, alongside actress Anne Hathaway.

She is a Golden Globe-winning actress and has appeared in several movies in her 17 years of career as a result of which she has earned a sizeable net worth. The article below deals with her total net worth and her income.

Emily Blunt's Net Worth: $16 million

The British-American actress, Emily Blunt has been able to accumulate $16 million as her current net worth. Emily has made all of her money from her works in films.

CAPTION: Britsh-American actress Emily Blunt
SOURCE: Twitter

Emily Blunt's husband John Krasinski, is quite richer than herself and has a net worth of $30 million, and earns $125,000 per episode.


Emily Blunt drives two cars; a Prius by Toyota which has a market price ranging from $24,200 - $30,005, and aGL450 Mercedez Benz which has a sales price of $66,125.


Emily Blunt has acted in many movies, which have had huge earnings worldwide. some of her hit movies are given below:

  • The Young Victoria (2009)- $31.8 million
  • Sunshine Cleaning (2009) - $17.3 million
  • Salmon Fishing in Yemen (2011) - $34.6 million
  • The Adjustment Bureau (2011) - $127.9 million
  • Looper (2012) - $176.5 million
  • Edge of Tomorrow (2014) - $370.5 million
  • Into the Woods (2014) - $213.1 million
  • Sicario (2015) - $84.9 million
  • The Girl on the Train (2016) - $173.2 million
  • A Quiet Place (2018) - $332.6 million

Emily's salary for her next upcoming movie Jungle Cruise is estimated to be about $10 million. Further, there are no details in the context of her salaries.

Emily Blunt's Income

Apart from her movies, Emily Blunt made huge lumps of money by investing in real estate. Emily Blunt and husband John Krasinski have many houses enlisted to their names. 

CAPTION: Britsh-American actress Emily Blunt, husband John Krasinski, and their Ojai House SOURCE: popsugar

Emily Blunt and her husband own a house in Ojai, California which they put for sale since 2015. The 5.17-acre property has been listed at $2.4 million. The couple bought the residence at a price of $2.15 million back in 2012 and was sold at a price of $2.75 million in 2016.

CAPTION: Britsh-American actress Emily Blunt and husband John Krasinski
SOURCE: thisisinsider

Emily also recently sold a house in Park Slope, New York at a price of $6.5 million. The couple bought the house in 2016 and had paid $6 million for the asset, but didn't spend much at the townhouse. 

The couple also had a property in Hollywood Hills, which they bought in 2009. The British-American actress paid $1.9 million for that unfinished plot of land which is spread over 8.62 acres. The asset was later renovated, merchandised and was sold to Kendall Jenner at a price of $6.5 million.

CAPTION: Britsh-American actress Emily Blunt's house which now belongs to Kendall Jenner SOURCE: elle
Emily Blunt and her husband have also sold a custom-designed house in Laurel Canyon in 2016. Although the price was listed at $3.495 million, the duo sold the property at a cool price of $3.505 million. Sources tell us that the 3,483-square-foot asset was bought at a market price of $2.575 million in 2014.

Emily Blunt has made huge profits from the sale of her properties which are all part of her current net worth.