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Home Gossip Brandon Soo Hoo Opens about his Dating Rumors: Know about his Affairs and Girlfriend

Brandon Soo Hoo Opens about his Dating Rumors: Know about his Affairs and Girlfriend

Himadri Hamal Mon Dec, 2017
Brandon Soo Hoo Opens about his Dating Rumors: Know about his Affairs and Girlfriend

22-year-old Asian-American actor of the movies Tropic Thunder and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Brandon Soo Hoo also voiced Beast Boy in the animated movie Justice League vs. Teen Titans.  In addition, he was also seen on a regular basis in the comedy series Incredible Crew that came on Cartoon Network.

Along with Randall Park and Kelly Hu, Brandon is among the few Asian-American actors who have established themselves in the American entertainment industry. If captivating looks are what you are seeking for, he will not make you sad. And if popularity is what you desire, Brandon is certainly among popular faces out there.  

Brandon Soo Hoo born on1995 plays the young Storm Shadow

Brandon Soo Hoo born on1995 plays the young Storm Shadow

Sorce: Daily Mail

With all the right attributes, there is no doubt that Brandon has a huge fan following, especially among girls. But wait, there’s more! He has reportedly said that his girlfriend would not have to spend a single penny on their dates. Just imagine who might be that lucky girl in Brandon's life? Let’s have a close look at his relationship history and former girlfriends (if he had any).

Know what does Brandon Soo Hoo look in his potential girlfriend

Ever wondered how one would feel dating a celebrity? How is it like being a center of attention almost every time? Well, if confidence is what you are looking for, Brandon has it. Were you giving up on all of these dreams because you thought your chance to date a celebrity would never come true?


me n my lil brother #benjithedog

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Well If your answer to all these questions are “yes”, there is one exciting news for you. In one of the interviews, Brandon Soo Hoo said that he wishes to date a girl from among his fans who looked pretty and was intelligent.

Know his wish in his own words:

When you are popular, dating becomes very hard. Everybody expects me to date a film star or a singer. But I already know what it’s like to live like a star. I want to date someone ordinary, someone, from a simple walk of life.

It's quite surprising when an actor doesn't want to make love with someone who belongs to the same industry. Handsome young man, Brandon is not interested in dating an actress rather he prefers and ordinary girl with whom he can spend rest of his life.

Brandon loves spending time with his friends. In his social networking sites, mostly on Instagram, he has posted many pictures with his female friends that created confusion. Many of his fans believed that the lady in that picture was supposed to be his girlfriend.

Let's see those pictures that created lots of rumors in Brandon's life:


jazz cabbage

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Try the sakura mochi wrapped in cherry blossom leaf. @chanellepeloso says it's mind-blowing. I agree #inEdibleCrew

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*korean soap opera poses** @clammmy #tbt

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When in one of the interviews Brandon was asked regarding his personal life, he replied:

My parents want me to fall in love with someone, get married and have babies. I do want to fulfill their wish. But the options inside the Hollywood are very small.

Now, many queries may be striking your mind regarding what kind of girlfriend may be his cup of tea right?According to Brandon, he falls for the beauty who has got the brain. Brandon said that the only requirement is that the girl needs to be the straight female over the age of 18 years who must be good looking and highly intelligent.

Know his Current relationship status:

 American actor Brandon Soo Hoo has reportedly expressed his wish to date one of his fans but it seems like he has not a lady of his wish. Brandon is currently single and is neither rumored nor seen of dating anyone.  Apart from that, he has guest starred on NBC comedy series called My Name is Earl and a Fox sitcom ‘Til Death.

Actor Brandon Soo Hoo,open to dating fans. Who wants to be his girlfriend?

Actor Brandon Soo Hoo

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He had also guest starred on NBC’s comedy series known as Community in 2010. His other TV credits include Supah Ninjas, Everyday Kid, Terry the Tomboy, Workaholics, Instant Mom and more.

Supah Ninjahs, Ender's Game & From Dusk Till Dawn

The all-rounder Brandon is recently focused towards his career and does not show any signal of staying in a relationship this soon.

But we are totally optimistic that he will find the right lady for him at the right time.More updates will be here in Frostsnow. Stay tuned