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Home Gossip Bonnie Hunt Plans on Second Marriage After Divorce with Husband John Murphy; Who Is She Dating?

Bonnie Hunt Plans on Second Marriage After Divorce with Husband John Murphy; Who Is She Dating?

Smriti Rai Tue Apr, 2017
Bonnie Hunt Plans on Second Marriage After Divorce with Husband John Murphy; Who Is She Dating?

Age does not matter in love. Do you agree with this statement? Well, the American actress Bonnie Hunt seems to follow it pretty seriously. She is 58-years-old and is still looking for her perfect love partner.

Bonnie is the American stand-up comedian, actress, director, producer, writer, host and also a voice artist. She is known for The Bonnie Hunt Show and her movies such as Jumanji, Call me Crazy and Let Go.

Bonnie has a love history with two handsome men; She was married to John Murphy and had an affair with David Letterman. Let's know about her life story in detail!

What Was The Reason Behind Bonnie Hunt And John Murphy Divorce?

Marriage isn't a fairy tale where only a happy ending exists. In real life, marriage sometimes doesn't work and ends up on the bumpy road. Just like there exists the marriage, there also is exists divorce. And just like many other Hollywood celebs, Bonnie's marriage life did not end on a happy note.

Bonnie and her husband John, who is an investment banker, married in the year 1988. Their 18 years long marriage did last forever as they went through a bitter divorce in 2006. Though their marriage stayed for two decades, they do not have any children together.

CAPTION: Bonnie Hunt wants to get Married again  SOURCE: The Saturday Evening Post

The couple must have shared an excellent understanding and compatibility as they were together for two decades. 

So, What happened to their fabulous love chemistry? What might be the factors that ended their relation? ? Were there any extra-marital affairs? Let's find out!

David Letterman known for his show The David Letterman Show

CAPTION: David Letterman is known for his show The David Letterman Show  SOURCE: Bustle

It seems like Bonnie is the one who ignited the divorce as she was secretly dating David Letterman on the back of her husband, John Murphy. Bonnie and Letterman worked together on The David Letterman Show, and the rumor started that she is dating Letterman. She even announced her divorce officially on the Letterman show.

Whereas on the other hand, David was already a married man with children and he immensely loved his family. So, there was no progress witnessed between Bonnie and David after their secret romance. The sources say that this is the valid reason since there are no other causes found except for this one.

Bonnie Hunt is ready to get married again at the age of 56

Jerry Maguire star Bonnie after getting divorced from her husband John said she would be forever single. Her failed marriage was the reason behind her such a response. However, in 2015, she surprisingly appeared in an interview with a new point of view.

56-years-old Bonnie Hunt known for the David Letterman Show

CAPTION: 58-years-old Bonnie Hunt known for the David Letterman Show  SOURCE: LiveRamupup

Bonnie said she wants to get married again and told she would start looking for her future husband who could be with her forever. As her age may seem too old to get married and to start married life, she is confident that she can handle her marriage life for the second time although her first marriage failed.


She even said her future husband should be her age. Well, according to her she might not be able to conceive a baby at this age, so she has already planned to adopt a baby as she did not have any child from her previous marriage.

Looks like she has pretty much planned her wedding, right? Best wishes for Bonnie who is still looking for her match.

In an interview, she showed her feelings about the marriage,

I have spent the last 10 years of my life alone. In that time, I have discovered myself. I figured out what I want out of my life. If the right person comes along who has all the qualities I seek for in my future husband, I will definitely consider marrying him.

Bonnie has featured in numerous movies, hit shows and has even won an Emmy nomination for her role in the TV show 'Life With Bonnie'. She is hardworking and talented, and she definitely deserves happiness in her life and career. Her exact Net Worth isn't known yet, but looking at her luxurious lifestyle we surely can assume that she earns a lot.

We also pray for her successful love life and wish she finds the love she is looking for and deserves!

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