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Home Gossip Bollywood Actress Sudha Chandran Married Ravi Dang. Know about their married life

Bollywood Actress Sudha Chandran Married Ravi Dang. Know about their married life

Jharna Prasai Sat Dec, 2016
Bollywood Actress Sudha Chandran Married Ravi Dang. Know about their married life

Sudha Chandran is an Indian and Tamil television and movie actress who is also a successful Bharatanatyam dancer who started dancing when she was the child at the age 3. She is the daughter of Late K.D Chandran who was also an actor. She gave her debut in movie Mayuri which was based on the real story in 1984. Currently, she is been acting in television series 'Nagin' as Yamini. She is famous for her negative roles in movies and tv series.

Her life took a drastic change when she including her family, had to face an automobile accident near Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu while she was coming from Madras. She suffered serious injuries in her leg and had to lose her leg due to the wrong diagnosis of the doctor. Sudha did not lose hope and continued dance fitting a 'Jaipur foot'. It took her 3 years to recover and become one of the best dancers. Sudha Chandran married to assistant director Ravi Dang

Sudha Chandran and her spouse Ravi first meeting

Ravi Chandran is the assistant director. Sudha and Ravi met for the first time on the set of film Sita Saima Suzie. Sudha was introduced to Ravi cause she was acting in the movie and he was assistant director of the movie. They fell for each other after the first meeting. Sudha found Ravi to be an emotionally supportive person. 

Sudha Chandran married Ravi Dang even after her parents did not allow to do so

Sudha and Ravi finally decided to marry each other after seeing dating for quite long. Ravi was a Punjabi boy while Sudha was a Tamilian. Sudha was the only daughter of her parents so, they opposed Sudha's relationship. They did not want her only daughter to get married to a Punjabi. Sudha and Ravi tried a lot to convince her parents but they did not allow them to marry.

Sudha and Ravi got married secretly without informing any of their relatives at the Chirag Nagar Murugan Temple in Chembur in 1994 because Sudha's parent did not allow their marriage. They married in a south Indian style.


Sudha and Ravi had to marry secretly in a Temple due to Sudha's parents.


Sudha and Ravi successful married life and children

There is no extra affair linked about Sudha and Ravi in their entire life. Whenever  ">Sudha is asked about her husband, she never gets tired admiring her husband. Ravi has always been a supportive husband.