Bodhi Elfman is Living Happily With his Wife Jenna Elfman and Children,Their Married Life

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One of the best feelings of our lives is when we marry the one we love from the deepest core of our heart. Not many people’s love life transforms into a marriage. However, Bodhi Elfman has been lucky in marrying his lover and having a blissful married life with her. 

Bodhi is happily married to his wife Jenna Elfman for decades. Their married life is going pretty strong even at present. Are you wondering about their kids? Keep reading to find out about their children and married life:

Bodhi Elfman first meeting and marriage with wife Jenna Elfman

Bodhi and Jenna met for the first time in 1991 while they auditioned for the commercial of Sprite, a cold-drink brand. They fell in love soon after that and dated for four years before they took their relationship to the next level. 18th February 1995 became a significant day in the lives of the Elfman couple as that is when they got hitched. 

Bodhi Elfman and wife Jenna Elfman on their wedding

Bodhi Elfman and wife Jenna Elfman on their wedding

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The couple had a very low-key wedding with an intimate ceremony. In fact, they made sure barely any information comes out.

Bodhi Elfman and wife Jenna have two children

Jenna has two kids with her beloved husband. On 23rd July 2007, she gave birth to her elder son, Story Elias Elfman on 23rd July 2007, in LA. Story was a healthy baby who weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz. at the time of his birth. Eventually, on 2nd March 2010, the Elfman couple welcomed their second son, Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman, who weighed 7 lbs. and 12 Oz.

Bodhi Elfman and wife Jenna Elfman  with their eldest son

Bodhi Elfman and wife Jenna Elfman with their eldest son

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We rarely get to hear about long lasting marriages, and it overwhelms us to know that Jenna and Bodhi’s marriage radiates no signs of divorce. What bliss!

The ultimate reason behind the Elfman couple's long lasting marriage

You might be curious to know about the secret behind the pair’s long lasting relationship. She opened up in a 2014 episode of Rachel Ray show saying that the couple doesn't keep any secret between one another.  

Jenna Elfman marriage rules:

Have a look at what Jenna said:

"We don't have secrets, and we stay real clean with each other if we break an agreement or we do something the other doesn't like, we say so. When all things are known it's amazing how healthy the relationship stays."


We're the kids in America. #themuffs (We are parked in a parking lot. Not driving, FYI.)

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Bodhi Elfman’s relationship with his wife Jenna can be taken as an inspiration for all the couples out there whose marriage is on edge. As Jenna has already shared her secret, we hope you will keep that in mind too.