Bobbie Phillips Accuses Les Moonves of Sexual Misconduct

Updated On 29 Nov, 2018 Published On

Les Moonves, the former CBS executive who resigned at the beginning of 2018 amid sexual misconduct allegations, has been facing a new allegation.

In a Wednesday report published by The New York Times, actress Bobbie Phillips accuses Moonves of sexual harassment.

She claims the alleged incident took place in March 1995 after her manager, Marv Dauer, set up a meeting between her and Moonves.

Phillips went to the Warner Bros. studio in Burbank, California and encountered with the former CBS head; she said he’d "set" her "up with John Levey", the E.R. show's casting director. Moonves was the president of Warner Bros. Television at the time.

According to the report, Moonves left a message for John before directing the actress to an easel outlining various projects running on at the company.

Additionally, Phillips claims that when she turned around and looked at Moonves, she found him not wearing pants and then he displayed his penis to her.

Moonves allegedly told Phillips, "Look how hard you make me".

As per the report, before forcing the actress to the ground and forcing her to give him oral sex, he said, "Be my girlfriend and I’ll put you on any show".

The encounter was reportedly interrupted as John called Moonves back after which he went to his desk.

Phillips told The Times, "I felt my blood rushing in my body. I was vibrating. I can still feel it." She ultimately ran away from the room.

Moonves is yet to comment on the allegation.

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