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Home Gossip Bob Woodward married wife Elsa Walsh in 1989, Know his married life and two children

Bob Woodward married wife Elsa Walsh in 1989, Know his married life and two children

Alishan Thu Dec, 2016
Bob Woodward married wife Elsa Walsh in 1989, Know his married life and two children

Bob Woodward married Elsa Walsh

Robert Upshur ‘Bob’ Woodward tied the knot with Elsa Walsh in 1989 and it was the third time that he got married.

Source:NewYork social diary

Bob an author known for his 18 best-selling books about American politics fell in love with Elsa who is a writer for New Yorker and also the author of Divided Lives: The Public and Private Struggles of Three American Women. It was bob’s third try to have a successful relationship and this time he managed to do that.


There isn’t any information about how they met or where they got married. I guess they just want to keep their personal life private.

However, I think their marriage lasted because they had followed the same profession which made them more compatible. They now have been together for 27 years and are still going strong.

The couple had their first child in the year 1996, a daughter and they named her Diana.

Elsa and her daughter Diana, in the late 1990's

Source:Washington post

Woodward’s previous Affairs

Bob Woodward prior to marrying Elsa was married to Frances Kuper. The two exchanged their vows in 1974. She was the first wife of Bob.

After two years in a relationship, Bob and Frances were blessed with their first daughter and they named her Taliesin.

But Bob and Frances could not gel together which resulted in a divorce between the two. They got separated in 1979 for a reason which has not been disclosed.

Woodward was again married for the second time but the name of the person has been kept private. There aren’t any details about his second marriage but we know it didn’t last long.

Well, Woodward was not a successful man on the matters of relationship as he was with his career but fortunately for him, his life changed after he met Elsa.

Elsa being a Mother

Before marrying Woodward Elsa had a different intake of life. According to her she never wanted to marry and have children of her own as she thought it will just distract her from her goals.

 She had grown up in an Immigrant Irish Catholic family of six children but it wasn’t seeing her mother’s life that charged her vision of a childless life. It was the radical politics and feminism existing in the Bay Area where she grew up and went to college that made her that way.

However, her opinion changed after she met Bob and now she is happily married with a daughter. She told that it didn’t matter much to the greater world when her next article appeared but it mattered to her daughter she was nearby.

So she turned down assignments and job offers to spend more time with her daughter. She told that it was not a choice but it was what she wanted to do. She further added that motherhood is not a job but it was a joy.