Bob Dylan's Ex-Wife Sara Dylan: Know All The Interesting Facts About Her Married Life

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We have seen and read about many famous celebrities love stories, but today we will be talking about the renowned Bob Dylan and his married life with ex-wife, Sara Dylan. Time and again, we hear stories about Bob and Sara's relationship, but how much of it is true? 

The facts about Bob and Sara's marriage might interest you. Continue reading if you want to be more update regarding the facts surrounding Bob Dylan and ex-wife Sara Dylan's married life. 

Sara Dylan's divorce before Bob Dylan

Sara Dylan, a former Playboy bunny, and model is the ex-wife of the famous singer and songwriter, Bob Dylan. Sara Dylan has a reputation for working with many famous other Playboy models like Kimberley Conrad, and Sara Jean Underwood.

Sara Dylan with former husband Bob Dylan

Sara Dylan with former husband, Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan is Sara’s second husband as she was previously married to a man named Hans Lownds, who was a magazine photographer.

Bob Dylan and Sara Dylan's Married life

Sara and Bob Dylan fell in love in the year 1964. After that, they moved to the same apartment to remain close to one another. They married the following year, that is, in 1965 when Bob Dylan was having his first tour concert in America.  

Bob Dylan with wife Sara Dylan and their children

Bob Dylan with wife Sara Dylan and their children

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Soon after marrying, Sara Dylan became pregnant with their first child. She already had a daughter named Maria from her previous marriage. Bob and Sara together have four children named Jesse, Anna, Samuel, and Jakob. Bob even adopted Maria, Sara’s daughter. 

How Sara Dylan and Bob Dylan marriage fell apart

Bob Dylan has composed many songs conveying his love as a tribute to his ex-wife Sara. The whole family enjoyed their happy times in Woodstock, upstate New York until 1973 when they purchased a property in Malibu, California.  

Bob Dylan with wife Sara Dylan and son

Bob Dylan with wife Sara Dylan and son

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The next two years after purchasing the property was spent building a huge house and modeling it. Not long after that, Bob Dylan started drinking, smoking and even cheating on his wife. The tension and distance between the couple elevated within those years.  

Sara Dylan and Bob Dylan's divorce

In an interview, Dylan accepted that when he started going to art classes in 1974, they faced problems in their marriage. He expressed that his ex-wife never understood his feelings, thoughts, and ideas after that. 

Bob Dylan with wife Sara Dylan and son

Bob Dylan with wife Sara Dylan and son

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Although the marriage had started to wither, Sara appeared as Clara in the movie Renold and Clara directed by her husband, Bob Dylan featuring Joan Beaz. Their marriage ended in 1977 when Sara found her husband and his girlfriend having breakfast in their Malibu home along with their children.

Moreover, Bob was physically abusive towards Sara which eventually led to their separation. 

Listen to Bob Dylan's song Sara:

After divorcing Bob Dylan, ex-wife Sara hasn't dated anyone. It seems like; she kept herself away from love and relationships. There is no record of Sara's boyfriends or affairs. We hope she is happy and content with her life wherever she is.

Quick facts about Sara Dylan:

Who is Sara Dylan's ex-husband?

Sara Dylan's ex-husband is Bob Dylan.

When did Sara Dylan and Bob Dylan get married?

Sara Dylan and Bob Dylan got married in 1965.

How many kids do Sara Dylan and Bob Dylan have?

Bob Dylan and Sara Dylan together share four children named Jesse, Anna, Samuel, and Jakob.

When did Sara Dylan and Bob Dylan get divorced?

Bob Dylan and Sara Dylan divorced in 1977.

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