Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Ready For Wine Tasting

Updated On 31 Dec, 2015 Published On

The perfect couple Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani is the most watched couple with their romantic activities that has been featured by the public. As soon as they got into the relationship with their cute affair made them to face the number of questions regarding to the curiosity of the fans. This new couples are viewing very busy with their Christmas celebration and preparation for it. They are also planning to taste wine for the very first time together. They are planning to taste it in Santa Barbara of Calif. These lovebirds are excited for the very first experience of tasting the wine.

Blake and Gwen stayed for around half an hour and made the taste of the few wines. The insiders of the program also added, that the couple were looking sweet and stating about the positive reaction with their new experience of tasting the wine. They were looking happy and comfortable with each other as the picture about their sharing of the taste of wine and the function was posted within their personal sites, they were literally satisfied with their very new experience for making the fabulous taste of the wine with the caption mentioned as “Sweet and Delightful”.

Blake stated Gwen at first did not make the positive feedback regarding the taste of the wine, but after few sip she was addicted and asking for it time and again with the new taste she founded inside within it. As this couple were friends and were comfortable being a friend from the very first time later confessed of being in relationship. They also stated of having similar choice and taste that might also be the reason behind them to try the wine for the very first time. Their pictures in Instagram also seem so adorable that made them to collect positive feedback from their fans.