Black Panther Star Michael B. Jordan Jokes Roseanne should have won the Best Villain Award

Updated On 20 Jun, 2018 Published On

During the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards, the Black Panther star, Michael B. Jordan joked about Roseanne being the top contender to win the Best Villian Award rather than him. 

The BP villain received the Best Villain Award from the MTV for his extraordinary performance in the Marvel's superhero movie, Black Panther. But, while doing the victory talk, the star joked about Roseanne being the real winner of the award. 

I am shocked that I won this award for the best villain. You know, I thought for sure Roseanne had that in the bag, you know!

The 31 years' old actor later, said in seriousness that he wanted to thank his fans for supporting the movie. 

He also added that he is thankful for the fans for enjoying the role as much as he did while playing Erik Killmonger, the antagonist in Black Panther

YouTube: Michael B. Jordan accepting the Best Villain Award and joking about Roseanne

Roseanne has been continuously making headlines after she tweeted a couple of racist statements which resulted in her show being dropped by the ABC

The 2018 MTV award show has been a constant beauty for the BP team as Michael's opposition in the Black Panther movie, Chadwick Boseman also won an award for the Best Hero category.

However, the hero awarded his Best Hero Award to the real-life hero James Shaw Jr