Black Box of Ethiopian Airlines' Boeing 787-800 MAX secured; Will Reveal Cause for Crash

Updated On 11 Mar, 2019 Published On

The Black Box for the Boeing 787-800 MAX has been retrieved by the Ethiopian Airlines which would let us know about the actual cause of the crash.

The Ethiopian Airlines recently posted a tweet on Twitter letting the world know that the Black Box of the Ethiopian Boeing 787-800 has been retrieved.

The Black box or else also known as a Digital Flight Data Recorder will provide the first clues for the reason behind the fatal crash of Ethiopian airlines on 10th March 2019.

The plane's cockpit voice recorder has also been secured says the Airlines.

According to the report provided by the company, the deceased 157 were citizens from 35 different counties amongst which 32 were Kenyans, 18 Canadians, nine from Ethiopia and eight other passengers from China, United States, and Italy.

There is a lot of work going on at the site of the crash, about two hours away from Addis Abba.

The remainder of the airplane lies in a huge crater, which is big as a basketball court.


CAPTION: Black Box of Ethiopian Airlines' Boeing 787-800 MAX recovered



Many Kenyan Red Cross officials are searching for the deceased's body parts, debris, and belongings.

Personal belongings like handbags and purses are also being retrieved for the identification of the victims.

Parts of the air vessel are currently being in a separate heap for further future inspection.