Birdman accuses Lil Wayne's Aspire Music Group to Scam Drake's Profits

Updated On 20 Aug, 2018 Published On

Bryan Christopher Williams AKA Birdman and Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. AKA Lil Wayne's feud might be on the way of reignition after the first accused the latter of scamming rapper Drake's profits. 

Birdman has taken Lil Wayne's company Aspire Music Group to court citing that the company is skimming all the profit from Drake's music. 

According to the report found by a tabloid, Birdman countersued the Aspire Music Group against their previous filing suggesting a payable amount from Drake's Royalties. As the music group was thought to launch and discover Drake, they wanted a 1/3 share in the profit from the rapper's first six albums. 

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However, the Aspire Group was unable to get a pay which is whey the sued the Cash Money Records and Universal Music for not paying up their 1/3 share in the profit. 

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As the news goes, Cash Money Records, created by Birdman and his brother, countersued Lil Wayne's company, or let's say his manager Cortez Bryant's company, citing that this company was a shell company established just to loot away from the profit of the Kiki Do You Love Me, singer. 

According to the documents received, 

There was no business purpose to forming Aspire, other than to siphon profits out of the joint venture and to divert those profits to Sweeny, Bryant, and Carter/Young Money. 

The documents further revealed, 

Aspire never conducted any business other than getting Drake signed to a record label. Aspire has never signed, nor sought to sign, a single additional artist. 

In addition to such words, Birdman and his company, Cash Money also wants Aspire Music to drop their previous lawsuit against them. 

From the reports, Cash Money has also sued Lil's company for fraud, aiding, and encouraging a breach of fiduciary duty, and interference with contractual relationship.

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Earlier this year, the lawsuit regarding Lil Wayne's dispute with Birdman and Universal Music has come to an end. The How to Love rapper came out as the victor in the lawsuit and walked out with over $10 million as the settlement. 

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Even though Birdman was involved in the lawsuit, he didn't have to pay a dime to Lil Wayne as the cheque of $10 million was signed off by the Universal Music Group. 

Even though Lil Wayne is not supposedly the major defendant in the countersuit, his involvement with the Aspire group will certainly drag him back to the case.